The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) authority has listed claims for IFF Health’s soy phosphatidylserine (Sharp-PS) based on acceptance of the self-notification process. The claims listed relate to the relationship between consumption of Sharp-PS phosphatidylserine through food products and “maintenance and/or improvement of cognitive function and brain health.”

According to IFF Health (formerly known as Frutarom Health), the approval of claims related to consumption of Sharp-PS will provide Australian and New Zealand brands the option to add the ingredient to their products, opening new opportunities to launch functional foods products targeting brain health and cognition.

“The benefits of PS [phosphatidylserine] consumption have been demonstrated in numerous clinical and preclinical studies, leading FSANZ to link its consumption to these benefits. As the interest in brain health and cognitive capabilities continues to rise within the aging global population, the timing of this approval could not have been better,” said Itay Shafat, product manager for cognitive line, IFF Health, in a company press release (pdf). “Phosphatidylserine is ideal for inclusion into food and beverage matrices, as it has no taste or smell and does not affect mouthfeel.”

Press release 

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