EPG, an alternative fat from Epogee, has received GRAS approval for several additional product categories, the company announced. EPG is a GMO-free modified plant-based oil that allows for fat and calorie reduction without negatively impacting taste and texture.

New product categories for which EPG has GRAS approval include snack foods; plant-based protein products; beverages/beverage bases; coffee and tea; and dairy product analogs. Prior to its expanded approval last month, EPG had previously been recognized as GRAS for use in a variety of applications, including confections and bars, baked goods and mixes, frozen dairy and desserts, spreads/dips/gravies and sauces, peanut and nut butters, grain products and pasta, and frying applications.

EPG looks, feels, tastes, and functions like fat because it’s made from fat,” said Jayme Caruso, Epogee chief commercial officer, speaking at a press event. Seventeen years in development, the fat alternative is made from rapeseed oil using an innovative process. It contains 0.7 calories per gram and allows for up to 45% caloric reduction in applications. EPG’s safety has been verified in more than 60 studies, the company reports.

“We are very pleased EPG has been recognized as a safe ingredient for use in additional food and beverage categories,” said David Rowe, Epogee founder, in a press release. “We are teaming up with food and beverage innovators as we work to fight obesity and improve the health of society. Now a new generation of great-tasting products will allow consumers to enjoy their favorite foods without all of the fat.”

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