The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) and FMI – Food Industry Association have announced an ad-hoc partnership motivated by widespread consumer needs fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. The partnership is a matching program that connects foodservice distributors that have excess capacity (products, transportation services, warehousing services) to assist food retailers and wholesalers that require additional resources to fulfill needs at grocery stores, which are experiencing skyrocketing demand.

At the same time, many local and state governments have recommended or mandated closing restaurants, schools, and other businesses that are supported by the foodservice distribution industry. While food industry resources are stretched to capacity, foodservice distribution resources need economic sustainability. “This partnership will not only fill a crucial gap, but will also serve the American population from one end of the country to the other,” wrote the associations in a press release.

“Our industries are both committed to the safe delivery of food to consumers, and we are equipped to provide service during this critical time in our country,” said Mark Allen, IFDA president and CEO. “This partnership makes sense, and it is in these times of turmoil that we must step up and fill the gaps when we can to help each other where we can.”

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