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As the episode unravels, we will learn about increasing fresh produce consumption in school-aged children, using genetics to make delicious fruits into manageable crops, and how “new” produce is introduced to the market. From Romanesco to watercress, join us as we explore the world of fresh produce.

Dr Max Teplipski

Max Teplitski, Chief Science Officer, Produce Marketing Association

Dr Max Teplipski

Max Teplitski, Chief Science Officer, Produce Marketing Association

Dr. Max Teplitski, Chief Science Officer, Produce Marketing Association
Max Teplitski has experience in leading national food safety and nutrition programs and building and sustaining private-public partnerships. He has globally recognized accomplishments in science and scientific policy bolstered by a research background in microbiology, biotechnology and sustainability of agricultural production.

Source: The Shelby Report

Bruce Perkin

IFT Sci Dish Host: Bruce Perkin
Principal Scientist, Robust Food Solutions LLC

Bruce Perkin

IFT Sci Dish Host: Bruce Perkin
Principal Scientist, Robust Food Solutions LLC

Bruce Perkin is the principal scientist and operator of Robust Food Solutions LLC, a food science-based consultancy that has operated since 2017, providing strategic advice and hands-on support to food businesses in the areas of quality systems and food safety, innovation, product development, and organizational design.

Bruce is a Certified Food Scientist, a Certified HACCP practitioner, and is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence through the American Society for Quality. He is also a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual under the FSMA regulations. He has completed Food Defense training through the FDA and the FSPCA. Bruce is a past Chairperson of the Dallas /Fort Worth chapter of IFT, and also a past Chair of the Food Service Division of IFT. In addition, Bruce is a part-time Adjunct Professor at Texas Womens’ University teaching NPD, Food Science and Food Safety to Culinology students.

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