College Bowl

Since 1985, the IFTSA College Bowl Competition has tested the knowledge of student teams from across the United States in the areas of food science and technology, history of foods and food processing, food law, and general IFT/food-related trivia.

The College Bowl is designed to facilitate interaction among students from different universities, stimulate the students' desire to accumulate and retain knowledge, and provide a forum for students to engage in friendly competition. Teams for IFT Student Chapters in eight geographical areas of the Student Association compete in area competitions prior to the IFT Annual Meeting. The winning teams from the eight areas then compete in a final competition at the Annual Meeting.

All finalists receive a $1000 travel grant. The national champion earns a $1000 award, and the runner-up a $750 award.


2014 Regional Competitions at Area Meetings

Central Atlantic Area Meeting

Date:  April 4 - 5, 2014
Location:    NC State in Raleigh, NC
Area Rep Contact    Andrea Gilbert
College Bowl Area Winner: North Carolina State University

Midwest Area Meeting

Date    April 11 - 12, 2014
Location    University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN
Area Rep Contact    Trey Harness  
College Bowl Area Winner:The Ohio State University

Mountain West Area Meeting

Date    April 11-12, 2014
Location     CSU, LA in Los Angeles, CA
Area Rep Contact    Marie-Julie Richer-Roy
College Bowl Area Winner: Chapman University

North Atlantic Area Meeting

Date    April 11-13, 2014
Location    University of Maine in Orono, ME
Area Rep Contact    Tori Sbrogna
College Bowl Area Winner:Pennsylvania State University

North Central Area Meeting

Date    April 4-5, 2014
Location    University of Wisconsin, Madison in Madison, WI
Area Rep Contact    Chelsey Timm
College Bowl Area Winner: University of Minnesota

Pacific West Area Meeting

Date    March 28 - 29, 2014
Location    Washington State University in Pullman, WA
Area Rep Contact    Allison Baker
College Bowl Area Winner: University of California, Davis

South Central Area Meeting

Date    April 10 - 11, 2014
Location    Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
Area Rep Contact    Alex Brandt
College Bowl Area Winner: Texas A&M University

Southeast Area Meeting

Date    March 28 - 29, 2014
Location    Alabama A&M in Normal, AL
Area Rep Contact    Shantrell Willis
College Bowl Area Winner: University of Georgia

2013 Winner:

Cornell University

Past Winners

2012 Brigham Young University 2011 The Ohio State University 
2010 University of Georgia 2009 North Carolina State University
2008 The Ohio State University 2007 University of Arkansas
2006 University of California-Davis 2005 Brigham Young University
2004 University of Minnesota 2003 University of Wisconsin - Madison
2002 University of Minnesota
2001 North Carolina State University
2000 North Carolina State University 1999 Rutgers University
1998 Ohio State University 1997 Brigham Young University
1996 University of Arkansas 1995 Pennsylvania State University
1994 University of Minnesota 1993 Oregon State University
1992 Brigham Young University 1991 Utah State University
1990 Purdue University 1989 Cornell University
1988 Oregon State University 1987 Purdue University
1986 Cornell University 1985 North Atlantic Area


Kimberlee Au
Chapman University

Competition Rules (PDF)
IFTSA Competition Penalty Policy
Question Format Instructions (PDF)
Question Submission Template (xls) 


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