IFT Global Student Innovation Challenge

IFT15 Winners:

  • 1st Place: Hanyu Yangcheng
    Iowa State University with KIK-Food Stabilizer System
    Hanyu Yangcheng’s product called the KIK-Food Stabilizer System is a blend of natural hydrocolloids that adds body, provides stability, improves mouthfeel, and enhances sweetness in low-fat dairy desserts.
  • 2nd Place: Shintaro Pang
    University of Massachusetts Amherst with ChiaTek
  • 3rd Place: Ryan Murphy
    Purdue University with InGluTech

IFT is committed to fostering student innovation and scientific exploration of global food science issues.  This exploration includes exploring concepts that promote the creation of new technologies, processes and products that create safe and scientifically sound products that meet consumer needs.  One such way is to provide opportunities for students to participate in scientific challenges that enable them to explore a real-world industry challenge and identify potential solutions for these needs.


  • To promote the use of food science and innovative thinking as tools to create new ingredient innovations;
  • To promote awareness of issues related to food safety, sensory appeal, nutrition and health;
  • To provide IFT student members with a platform to develop relationships with other students and food science professionals from around the world;
  • To enable global students to interact with their peers and food science experts around real-world challenges;
  • To raise awareness of challenges around processing raw materials to meet specific ingredient needs; and
  • To leverage an opportunity to use technology and multimedia to clearly articulate science concepts in a compelling and easy to understand manner.
Tate and Lyle