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Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award

Purpose: To honor a company or organization for an outstanding development which represents a significant advance in the application of food science and technology to food production.

Award: A plaque from IFT

Eligibility: The development must have been successfully applied in actual commercial operation at least six months but no more than seven years before December 1 of the year in which the nomination is submitted.

Special Instructions: The Nomination Statement should describe, as much as possible, the development itself and its public health, scientific, technological and economic importance, and must not be more than four typed pages.

You must include prints describing the product or process, sample of the product, and a video tape not to exceed five minutes. Reprints should be limited to a maximum of four different articles, or a total of 20 pages.

Required Reading

Nomination Statement Requirements:

  • Not to exceed four typed pages
  • Include educational background, professional affiliations, honors, and appointments of nominee
  • List offices held (IFT, section, division) and dates; committees served on (IFT, section, division) and dates; and other IFT activities
  • Explain why this individual should receive this award (refer to the “Eligibility” section in the award description as shown below)

Rules, Policy & Juries