Listed below are resources that you may find of value as you prepare for the exam.

Candidate Handbook

The Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Candidate Handbook is a comprehensive resource for potential CFS applicants.  It contains detailed information on the exam content outline, testing windows and exam delivery information. To download the candidate handbook, please click here.

Exam Content Outline

The examination associated with this credential focuses on the practical, applied knowledge that food scientists need to be proficient professionals. The exam was developed by evaluating the global practice of food science and is firmly grounded in the established, fundamental knowledge and skills food scientists apply every day in all aspects of their jobs. To download the exam content areas, click here.

Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Preparatory Course

Held at various locations and times, the CFS Preparatory Course is an optional course for those interested in obtaining their Certified Food Scientist credential.

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Publication Resources

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Food Chemistry & Food Analysis
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Food Engineering
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Food Microbiology
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Food Safety
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Food Safety and Regulatory
FDA website:

Product Development/Food Engineering
Morris, Scott A. Food and Package Engineering. Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.

Product Development
Fellows, P.J. Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, 3rd ed. CRC Press, 2009.
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Meilgaard, Morten C., B. Thomas Carr, and Gail Vance Civille. Sensory Evaluation Techniques, 4th ed. CRC Press, 2006.

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