The 29th Annual IFTSA & MARS Product Development Competition

The 29th Annual IFT Student Association & Mars Product Development Competition is a chance for students to take all of the skills and knowledge learned in school and apply them to a real-world situation. Each participating school's team develops a new food idea and carries the concept through marketing and production, much like a commercial product development team. This is a great opportunity for any student to get involved in food science and IFTSA. It challenges organizational, teamwork, creative, and scientific skills.


In this team competition, participants must be student members of the Institute of Food Technologists and registered as a student during the fall semester of the competition. Teams are limited to 10 members and there may only be one team per university. For complete details, consult the Rules and Regulations document for this competition.


Each of the finalist teams will receive a certificate and a reimbursement for travel to IFT19 of up to $1500. Winners will be announced at the IFTSA Closing Ceremony. Prize amounts are as follows:

  • First (1st) Place: $3,000
  • Second (2nd) Place: $1,500
  • Third (3rd) Place: $500

The winning team will be highlighted in the issue of Food Technology following IFT19.

Product Development
Congratulations to the 2018 1st place winner, Banzo Bites, from The Ohio State University!



February 1, 2019 at 11:59pm CST

Elliot Dhuey
The Ohio State University

Competition Rules (PDF)
Sample Verification Letter (PDF)
IFTSA Competition Penalty Policy