Day of Service

The IFT Day of Service is an initiative of the IFT Student Association which focuses on the importance of giving back by volunteering at food banks. By choosing a day in September, sections and student clubs are challenged to rally their members and volunteer for a few hours at their local food bank.

After the day of service, students and sections are encouraged to send photos and report back to IFT to brag about how many hours they volunteer, and how much food they packaged. Each year at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo® participating sections and clubs who gave back the most will be highlighted and celebrated for their part in helping end hunger in America.

Set up an IFT Day of Service


University of Massachusetts, Amherst students volunteered at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts for a Day of Service. See other IFT Day of Service stories.

Hunger Action Month

Feeding America
September is Hunger Action month for Feeding America which lends itself to many opportunities within your community to volunteer towards the goal of ending hunger in America.