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Awards and Recognition

IFT recognizes the many accomplishments that individuals and organizations have made to advance food science and the food industry and to help provide safe, affordable, and nutritious foods to the world.  To honor these individuals and organizations, the IFT Awards Program was created. We grant awards, fellowships, and prizes for outstanding accomplishments in all areas of food science and technology, administering 18 Achievement Awards, the Marcel Loncin Research Prize, and the IFT Fellows program.

IFT Achievement Awards honor outstanding individuals, teams, and organizations for contributions to the profession of food science and technology.

IFT Fellows  
Election as an IFT Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred for outstanding and extraordinary contributions in the field of food science and technology.

Congressional Support for Science Award  
This award was presented annually between 2001 and 2012 to two members of the United States Congress in recognition of their efforts and achievements in making food-related policies that are based on sound science.

Feeding Tomorrow Scholarships
Feeding Tomorrow, the Foundation of IFT, awards over 100k in scholarships annually to the most outstanding food science students.

“I will never forget being elected an IFT Fellow- it was certainly the highlight of the year for me.”

Kiyoko Kubomura
, IFT Fellow 2008
Kiyoko Kubomura
Volunteer with IFT