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Past Award Winners

Nicolas Appert Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member or nonmember for preeminence in and contributions to the field of food technology.

1942 William V. Cruess
1943 Samuel C. Prescott
1944 C.E. Browne
1945 A.W. Bitting
1946 C.H.Bailey
1947 C. Olin Ball
1948 C.A. Elvehjem
1949 Roy C. Newton
1950 Thomas M. Rector
1951 A.E. Stevenson
1952 Edward M. Chace
1953 Victor Conquest
1954 Charles N. Frey
1955 Charles G. King
1956 Bernard E. Proctor
1957 Emil M. Mrak
1958 William F. Geddes
1959 Berton S. Clark
1960 Ernst H. Wiegand
1961 Helmut C. Diehl
1962 Arnold Kent Balls
1963 Karl F. Meyer
1964 Gail M. Dack
1965 Harold W. Schultz

1966 Maynard A. Joslyn
1967 Michael J. Copley
1968 Donald K. Tressler
1969 Edwin M. Foster
1970 Samuel A. Goldblith
1971 Reid T. Milner
1972 John C. Ayres
1973 Hans Lineweaver
1974 George F. Stewart
1975 Ernest J. Briskey
1976 Amihud Kramer
1977 Richard L. Hall
1978 Jasper Guy Woodroof
1979 F.J. Francis
1980 Evan F. Binkerd
1981 Bernard S. Schweigert
1982 Clinton O. Chichester
1983 Steven S. Chang
1984 John J. Powers
1985 Alina S. Szczesniak
1986 Marcus Karel
1987 Elmer H. Marth
1988 Owen R. Fennema
1989 Fergus M. Clydesdale

1990 Myron Solberg
1991 Raymond J. Moshy
1992 Irving J. Pflug
1993 Wilbur A. Gould
1994 Roy L. Whistler
1995 Philip E. Nelson
1996 Michael P. Doyle
1997 H. C. Rudolf Heiss
1998 Theodore P. Labuza
1999 Robert G. Cassens
2000 Aaron L. Brody
2001 Adolph S. (Al) Clausi
2002 Daniel F. Farkas
2003 Dietrich Knorr
2004 Larry R. Beuchat
2005 Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
2006 George E. Inglett
2007 Todd R. Klaenhammer
2008 Gilbert A. Leveille
2009 Daryl Lund
2010 R. Paul Singh
2011 Dr. Malcolm Bourne
2012 Casimir Akoh
2013 Kenneth R. Swartzel
2014 C. Patrick Dunne
2015 Stephen Taylor

Babcock-Hart Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member who has attained distinction by contributions to food technology which have resulted in improved public health through nutrition or more nutritious food..

1948 Fred C. Blanck
1949 Clarence Birdseye
1950 Carl R. Fellers
1951 Samuel C. Prescott
1952 Fred W. Tanner
1953 Charles N. Frey
1954 Edwin J. Cameron
1955 William V. Cruess
1956 Gail M. Dack
1957 Elmer M. Nelson
1958 Bernard L. Oser
1959 Samuel Lepkovsky
1960 Arnold H. Johnson
1961 Emil M. Mrak
1962 V. Subrahmanyan
1963 Maynard A. Joslyn
1964 Robert R. Williams
1965 Tetsjiro Obara
1966 Roderick K. Eskew
1967 Wallace B. Van Arsdel
1968 Arthur I. Morgan, Jr.
1969 Samuel A. Goldblith

1970 Ricardo Bressani
1971 Hisateru Mitsuda
1972 James W. Pence
1973 Clinton O. Chichester
1974 Bernard S. Schweigert
1975 D.K. Tressler
1976 Harold S. Olcott
1977 David Hand
1978 - No Recipient -
1979 Robert H. Cotton
1980 Steven R. Tannenbaum
1981 - No Recipient -
1982 John C. Ayres
1983 James R. Kirk
1984 Fergus M. Clydesdale
1985 G. Richard Jansen
1986 George N. Bookwalter
1987 John E. Kinsella
1986 George N. Bookwalter
1987 John E. Kinsella
1988 Theodore P. Labuza
1989 Elmer H. Marth
1990 NONE

1991 Sanford Miller
1992 Robert G. Cassens
1993 Mary K. Schmidl
1994 Fred R. Shank
1995 Mark A. Uebersax
1996 Ben Borenstein
1997 Connie M. Weaver
1998 Haile Mehansho
1999 John W. Erdman, Jr.
2000 George E. Inglett
2001 Paul A. Lachance
2002 Bill Helferich
2003 Chang Y. Lee
2004 Bruce A. Watkins
2005 Jonathan C. Allen
2006 Mary Ellen Camire
2007 Tung-Ching Lee
2008 Dennis Miller
2009 Stephen Taylor
2010 Levente Diosady
2011 Dr. Rui Hai Liu
2012 Richard Black
2013 Richard Mattes
2014 Fereidoon Shahidi
2015 D. Julian McClements

Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT-member food scientist or technologist who has made significant contributions to lipid or flavor science.

1993 Edward G. Perkins
1994 Gary A. Reineccius
1995 David B. Min
1996 Wassef W. Nawar
1997 John M. deMan
1998 Robert C. Lindsay
1999 W. James Harper
2000 Terry E. Acree
2001 Michael M. Blumenthal
2002 Chi-Tang Ho
2003 Gary R. List
2004 Herbert O. Hultin
2005 Fereidoon Shahidi
2006 Eric A. Decker
2007 Keith R. Cadwallader
2008 Casimir C. Akoh
2009 Pamela White
2010 Cameron Faustman
2012 Michael Eskin
2014 Alejando G. Marangoni

William V. Cruess Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member who has achieved excellence in teaching food science and technology.

1970 Marcus Karel
1971 Clifford E. Samuels
1972 Edward E. Burns
1973 John R. Whitaker
1974 Elizabeth F. Stier
1975 Charles M. Stine
1976 Fergus M. Clydesdale
1977 Rose Marie Pangborn
1978 Owen R. Fennema
1979 Theodore P. Labuza
1980 Roy Arnold
1981 Richard L. Merson
1982 John J. Powers
1983 James L. Oblinger
1984 C. Anton Ernstrom

1985 Norman N. Potter
1986 John W. Erdman, Jr.
1987 J. Ian Gray
1988 Mark A. Uebersax
1989 Howard A. Morris
1990 James W. Berry
1991 Paul A. Lachance
1992 Daniel E. Carroll, Jr.
1993 Michael E. Mangino
1994 Peggy M. Foegeding
1995 John B. Allred
1996 Grady W. Chism III
1997 Faye M. Dong
1998 Richard W. Hartel
1999 Karen M. Schaich
2000 Richard D. Ludescher
2001 Shelly J. Schmidt

2002 S. Suzanne Nielsen
2003 John H. Rupnow
2004 Wayne T. Iwaoka
2005 Brian E. Farkas
2006 Robert L. Shewfelt
2007 Ronald Earl Wrolstad
2008 Stephanie Doores
2009 Mukund Karwe
2010 E. Allen Foegeding
2012 Nicki Engeseth
2013 Mark A. Harrison
2014 F. Xavier Malcata
2015 Gabriel Keith Harris

Carl R. Fellers Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor a member of IFT and Phi Tau Sigma who has brought honor and recognition to the profession of food science and technology through a distinguished career in that profession displaying exemplary leadership, service and communication skills that enhance the effectiveness of all food scientists in serving society.

1984 Emil Mrak
1985 Bernard S.
1986 Edwin M. Foster
1987 Roy E. Morse
1988 Owen R. Fennema
1989 Frederick J. Francis
1990 Richard L. Hall
1991 David R. Lineback
1992 Gilbert A. Leveille
1993 Gideon E. Livingston

1994 John H. Litchfield
1995 Fergus M. Clydesdale
1996 Susan K. Harlander
1997 Paul F. Hopper
1998 Roy G. Arnold
1999 Manfred Kroger
2000 Dane T. Bernard
2001 Myron "Mike" Solberg
2002 J. Ralph Blanchfield
2003 Daryl B. Lund
2004 Barbara O. Schneeman

2005 Philip E. Nelson
2006 Daniel Y.C. Fung
2007 Ken Lee
2008 Robert B. Gravani
2009 Kathryn L. Kotula
2010 Anthony Kotula
2011 Dr. Christine Bruhn
2012 Mary K. Schmidl
2013 Dennis R. Heldman
2014 H. Russell Cross
2015 David Patrick Green

Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor a company or organization for an outstanding development which represents a significant advance in the application of food science and technology to food production. The process or product must have been successfully applied in actual commercial operation at least six months but no more than seven years before December 1 of the year in which the nomination is submitted.
1959 Eastern Utilization R&D Division, USDA/ARS: Process for manufacturing instant potato flakes
1960 Merck & Co. and American Meat Institute Foundation: Pediococcus cerevisiae starter culture for controlled fermentation of sausage
1961 Swift & Co.: Process utilizing injection of papain into cattle before slaughter to increase tenderness of beef carcasses
1962 Sunkist Growers, Inc.: Encapsulated citrus oil
1963 Swift & Co.: Electrocoagulation method for continuous processing of frankfurters
1964 Whirlpool Corp.: Controlled atmosphere storage of produce
1965 C.J. Patterson Co.: Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate bread dough strengthener
1966 Swift & Co. and Trenton Foods, Inc.: Canning process conducted under pressure to shorten processing time and improve the quality of foods packed in institutional-size cans
1967 Foremost Dairies: Dough developers containing cysteine and whey solids that eliminate fermentation or sponge steps in bread-making
1968 Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.: Oil-soluble suspensions and water-dispersible beadlets of synthetic carotenoid food colors
1969 Thomas J. Lipton, Inc.: Air-dried meat bits, granules, and strips composed of meat or poultry solids and soy protein isolate
1970 General Foods Corp.: Freeze-thaw-stable, nondairy whipped emulsion resembling whipped cream in appearance, utility, texture, and flavor
1971 Central Food Technological Research Institute: Peanut-protein-fortified ("toned") milk drink that expands the supply of milk in India
1972 Western Regional Research Laboratory, USDA/ARS: Dry caustic process for peeling of fruits and vegetables that reduces pollution and water usage
1973 Armour Food Co., Food Research Div.: Portable electronic instrument that nondestructively tests a raw carcass and predicts its tenderness after cooking
1974 Kelco Co. and Northern Regional Research Laboratory, USDA/ARS: Xanthan gum, a microbial polysaccharide with thickening, suspending, emulsifying, and stabilizing properties
1975 Clinton Corn Processing Co., Div. of Standard Brands, Inc.: Production of high-fructose corn syrup using immobilized enzyme technology
1976 Bishopric Products Co. and Purdue University: Aseptic bulk storage and transportation of partially processed foods
1977 Mississippi State University and Dacus Packaging Corp.: Development and commercialization of canned catfish
1978 U.S. Army Natick R&D Command, Continental Flexible Packaging, and Reynolds Metals Co.: Retort pouch, a flexible laminated package that can withstand thermal processing and combines the advantages of the metal can and the boil-in bag
1979 Grumman Corp. and Armour Research Center of Armour & Co.: Hypobaric transportation and storage system that extends by up to six times the storage life of fresh meats and other commodities
1980 General Mills, Inc.: Packaging system that protects and extends the shelf life of hydroponically grown produce
1981 Award not given
1982 Oregon State University and Galloway West Co.: Bulk starter medium that improves growth of starter cultures for cheesemaking
1983 Fundacion de Estudios Alimentarios y Nutricionales and Productos Alimentos Delicias: Soy-oats infant formula designed to combat malnutrition in Mexico
1984 Research Branch of Agriculture Canada and ABCO Industries Ltd.: Blancher/cooker that introduces the "individual quick blanching" concept to vegetable processing
1985 G.D. Searle Co.: Aspartame low-calorie sweetener
1986 Award not given
1987 Eastern Regional Research Center, USDA/ARS and Lactaid, Inc.: Enzyme that reduces lactose into simpler sugars so that milk products can be ingested by lactose-intolerant individuals
1988 Award not given
1989 Award not given
1990 Award not given
1991 Award not given
1992 Auburn University: Has developed a low-fat ground beef with less than 10% fat, but with desired sensory qualities, by replacing excess fat with food gums, water, and flavor enhancers
1993 Kelco Division of Merck & Co., Inc.--Gellan Gum: Kelco is the researcher and developer of KELCOGEL gellan gum, amulti-functional gelling agent for use in foods, personal care products, and industrial applications
1994 North Carolina State University (Dept. of Food Science) and Michael Foods, Inc.: For the development of extended-shelf-life, ultra-pasteurized liquid whole-egg products
1995 Award not given
1996 APV UK plc and EA Technology Ltd: For the APV Ohmic Heating Process
1997 Qualicon™ DuPont Subsidiary: For the development of RiboPrinter™ Microbial Characterization System
1998 National Starch and Chemical Co.: NOVATION -- Functional Native Starches
1999 McNeil Specialty Products Co.: SUCRALOSE – Low -Calorie Sweetner
2000 Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.: SUNPHENON CDF-1 Decaf Green Tea Polyphenols
2001 Calpis Co. Ltd.:AMEEL-S Functional Fermented Milk Beverage
2002 Avure Technologies Incorp.:High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing Technology
2003 National Starch and Chemical Company: NOVELOSE RS2 Resistant Starches
2004 Tetra Pak, Tetra Recart AB retortable carton packaging system
2005 Snow Brand Milk Products Co. Ltd. (Milk Basic Protein)
2006 Praxair, Inc. (NatureWash™ Ozonated Water Wash and Dry System)
2007 Diversified Technologies Incorporated and The Genesis Juice Corporation
2008 Praxair Inc. (Controlled Atmosphere System)
2009 North Carolina State University, USDA–ARS South Atlantic Area Food Science Research Unit, Industrial Microwave Systems, L.L.C.
2010 ConAgra Foods
2011 MicroThermics,  Laboratory-scaled UHT/HTST Direct-Indirect Process System (DIP) with Full Automation
2012 Tate & Lyle
2013 Mars Inc.
2014 Buhler Barth GMBH
2015 Aseptia Inc. & North Carolina State University Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Industrial Scientist Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT-member industrial scientist or team of industrial scientist(s) who have made a major technical contribution to the advancement of the food industry.

1994 Aaron Brody
1995 Gerhard J. Haas
1996 David P. Bone
1997 R.B. Sleeth
1998 Norman S. Singer
1999 Harry Levine and Louise Slade
2000 George E. Inglett
2001 Richard R. Perdue

2002 Laurence Bell
2003 Raymond A. Bourque
2004 Gilbert A. Leveille
2005 Mohan Rao
2006 Jairus R. David
2007-8 Award not given
2009 Kyungsoo Woo
2014 - No Recipient
2015 Pablo Coronel

Bor S. Luh International Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member or an institution whose outstanding efforts resulted in one or more of the following: (1) international exchange of ideas in the field of food technology; (2) better international understanding in the field of food technology; and/or (3) practical successful transfer of food technology to an economically depressed area in a developing or developed nation.

1956 Robert S. Scull
1957 Laurence V. Burton
1958 Henri Cheftel
1959 Ross A. Chapman
1960 James R. Vickery
1961 Maynard A Joslyn
1962 Lawrence J. Lynch
1963 Emil M. Mrak
1964 E.C.Bate-Smith
1965 Mortimer L. Anson
1966 George F. Stewart
1967 Zoltan I. Kertesz
1968 Max Milner
1969 Nevin S. Scrimshaw
1970 David B. Hand
1971 Aaron M. Altschul
1972 Fritz H. Reuter
1973 Francis Aylward
1974 Hisateru Mitsuda

1975 Georg A. Borgstrom
1976 Clinton O. Chichester
1977 Joseph H. Hulse
1978 Stephen W. Bogyo
1979 John Hawthorn
1980 John C. Ayres
1981 Frode Bramsnaes
1982 Frederick J. Francis
1983 F.V. Kosikowski
1984 James Bunnell
1985 Keith H. Steinkraus
1986 Richard L. Hall
1987 Adolph S. Clausi
1988 R. Paul Singh
1989 Stephen S. Chang
1990 Judson M. Harper
1991 U. of Georgia & U.of Nigeria
1992 Malcolm C. Bourne
1993 Jose Miguel Aguilera

1994 Alex Malaspina
1995 Daryl B. Lund
1996 Larry R. Beuchat
1997 Daniel Y.C. Fung
1998 Herbert Ockerman
1999 B. Onuma Okezie
2000 Khee Choon Rhee
2001 Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
2002 James H. Moy
2003 Poul Hansen
2004 Soliman Y.K. Shenouda
2005 INTSOY (Int'l. Soybean Program)
2006 Miguel A. Jimenez
2007 Manjeet S. Chinnan
2008 Bruce Hamaker
2009 Anna V.A. Resurreccion
2010 Syed S.H. Rizvi
2011 Dr. Gleyn Bledsoe
2012 Richard F. Stier
2013 George E. Inglett
2014 Theodore P. Labuza
2015 Joe Regenstein

Bernard L. Oser Ingredient Safety Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member for his or her contribution to the scientific knowledge of food ingredient safety or leadership in establishing principles for food ingredient safety evaluation or regulation.

2000 Richard L. Hall
2001 Joseph F. Borzelleca
2003 Steve L. Taylor
2004 Andrew G. Ebert
2005 Ian C. Munro
2006 George A. Burdock
2007 Michael W. Pariza
2008 Thomas Montville
2009 Bill Helferich
2010 Barbara Petersen
2012 James Griffiths
2014 Charles H. Manley

Samuel Cate Prescott Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member who has shown outstanding ability in research in some area of food science and technology.

1964 Edgar Allan Day
1965 Ernest J. Briskey
1966 No Recipient
1967 Robert G. Cassens
1968 Herbert O. Hultin
1969 Harry Yamamoto
1970 Steven R. Tannenbaum
1971 Darrell E. Goll
1972 Theodore P. Labuza
1973 Norman F. Haard
1974 Thomas W. Keenan
1975 Anthony J. Sinskey
1976 Lowell D. Satterlee
1977 Larry R. Beuchat
1978 James M. Flink
1979 - No Recipient -
1980 John Erdman

1981 Paul Carroad
1982 R. Paul Singh
1983 J. Gregory
1984 Henry K. Leung
1985 Barbara Olds
1986 Jozef L. Kokini
1987 Michael P. Doyle
1988 James J. Pestka
1989 Todd R. Klaenhammer
1990 Carl A. Batt
1991 Michael J. McCarthy
1992 Shelly J. Schmidt
1993 - No Recipient -
1994 James L. Steele
1995 Marc Hendrickx
1996 Kathryn L. McCarthy

1997 Eric A. Decker
1998 Casimir C. Akoh
1999 David J. McClements
2000 Susan L. Hefle
2001 Q. Howard Zhang
2002 Kathryn J. Boor
2003 Martin Wiedmann
2004 Sheryl A. Barringer
2005 Maryanne Drake
2006 Dong-Hyun Kang
2007 Jochen Weiss
2008 F. Xavier Malcata
2009 Manuel Castillo
2010 Mario Ferruzzi
2011 Dr. Soo-Yeun Lee
2012 Qixin Zhong
2013 Nitin Nitin
2014 Hang Xiao
2015 Julie Goddard

Research and Development Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member or team of members who have made a recent, significant research and development contribution to the understanding of food science, food technology, or nutrition.

1997 Sudhir K. Sastry
1998 Todd R. Klaenhammer
1999 Bruce A. Watkins
2000 John B. Luchansky
2001 Steven J. Schwartz
2002 Clair L. Hicks
2003 E. Allen Foegeding
2004 Richard Hartel
2006 Eric A. Decker

2007 David Julian McClements
2008 Casimir C. Akoh
2009 Arun Bhunia
2010 A Five Member Team Representing the Washington State University Microwave Sterilization Consortium: Kenny Lum, Juming Tang; C. Patrick Dunne; Douglas Hahn; Evan Turek; The Ferrite Company, Rexam PLC, Graphic Packaging and Ocean Beauty Seafoods, LLC.
2011 Dr. Micha Peleg
2012 Vijay K. Juneja
2013 MaryAnne Drake
2014 Kevin M. Keener
2015 Ahmed E. Yousef

Myron Solberg Award

Purpose: To honor an IFT member for providing leadership and excellence in the establishment and successful development and continuation of an industry/government/academia cooperative organization.

2004 W. Steven Otwell
2005 C. Patrick Dunne
2006 Richard H. Linton
2007 John B. Luchansky
2008 Ken Swartzel
2009 George Flick
2011 Dr. Colin Dennis (retired)
2013 Daniel F. Farkas
2015 Mickey Parish

Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an IFT member for pursuit of humanitarian ideals and unselfish dedication that have resulted in significant contributions to the well-being of the food industry, academia, students, or the general public.

1997 Nell I. Mondy
1998 Ruth M. Patrick
1999 Arnold E. Denton
2000 Joe M. Regenstein
2001 Paul Jelen
2002 Carol Cooper
2003 Alfred A. Bushway
2004 Barbara Rasco

2005 George J. Flick, Jr.
2006 Lynn G. Turner
2007 Susan Kay Hall McWatters
2008 Donald Kramer
2009 Rakesh Singh
2011 Dr. Fatemeh Malekian
2013 Olga Padilla-Zakour
2015 Kenneth Marsh

Calvert L. Willey Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Purpose: To honor an individual who has provided continuing, meritorious and imaginative service to IFT. The award was first presented to Calvert L. Willey, then Executive Director of IFT, in 1987 and initiated on the 50th Anniversary of IFT in 1989.

1987 Calvert L. Willey
1989 Ben F. Buchanan
1990 Aaron E. Wasserman
1991 Elwood F. Caldwell
1992 Miguel A. Jimenez
1993 Alan J. Post
1994 Andre Bolaffi
1995 Charles A. Becker
1996 Gale R. Ammerman

1997 Walter L. Clark
1998 Charles J. Bates
1999 Isabel D. Wolf
2000 Dee M. Graham
2001 Daniel E. Weber
2002 Elizabeth Larmond
2003 Frank F. Busta
2004 Charles H. Manley
2005 Bruce R. Stillings

2006 Pamela D. Tom
2007 William Davidson
2008 Neil H. Mermelstein
2009 Mary Wagner
2010 Margaret Lawson
2011 Dr. Herbert Stone (retired)
2012 A. Elizabeth Sloan
2013 James J. Albrecht
2014 Robert B. Gravani
2015 Bruce Ferree

Marcel Loncin Research Prize Recipients

Purpose: To honor and provide research funding for an IFT-member or nonmember scientist or engineer conducting basic chemistry/physics/engineering research applied to food processing and improvement of food quality. Prize money is to be used by the recipient in directing and carrying out a proposed research project, and to allow a successful scientist to help a young scientist(s) to also become successful.

1994 Werner Bauer
1996 John M.V. Blanshard
1998 Theodore P. Labuza
2000 Syed S.H. Rizvi
2002 Jozef L. Kokini
2004 Dietrich Knorr
2006 José M. Aguilera
2008 Shelly J. Schmidt
2010 David Julian McClements
2012 Wade Yang
2014 Lisa J Mauer

Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award

Purpose: To recognize excellence within the sensory and consumer sciences field.

2011 Dr. Howard Schutz, Dr. Chris Findlay
2012 Harry T. Lawless
2013 Daniel Ennis
2014 Herbert Stone
2015 Hildegarde Heymann

Gilbert A. Leveille Award and Lectureship

2012 Jonathan C. Allen
2014 John W. Erdman

W.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award and Lectureship

2012 Bruce Hamaker
2013 Anna V.A. Resurreccion
2014 Olive Yao Li
2015 Octavio Paredes-Lopez

Trailblazer Award & Lectureship

Purpose: To honor exceptional leaders who have advanced the science at the nexus of nutrition or dietetics and food science for a least five (5) years.

2014 Johanna T. Dwyer