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2015 IFT Leadership Nomination

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5:00 PM Central, Tuesday, September 16, 2014

All nominees who complete the required information will be considered by the Nominations & Elections Committee.  To be eligible to be considered as a candidate, the nominee must be a Professional Member of IFT.  To learn more about the definition and qualifications for a Professional Member, and to apply online, please click here.

You may nominate yourself or nominate a colleague as a candidate. Simply click on an option below and login to begin: 





Who is the ideal candidate?

There is no “ideal” candidate. Instead, we are looking for individuals with diverse work, life, social and educational backgrounds so that our leadership team is diverse and represents multiple perspectives.

What criteria will the Committee on Nominations & Elections use to select candidates?
The only requirement for candidates is that they are Professional Members of IFT. Assuming they meet membership requirements, the Committee on Nominations & Elections will evaluate candidates based on their background, including past leadership experience (IFT and other professional and philanthropic groups); professional experiences; and their personal leadership characteristics.

What do the members of the Board of Directors do?

The IFT Board of Directors ensures that the Institute has a clearly established strategic plan, and aligns the resources of the Institute to support the strategic direction and mission. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall fiduciary health of the Institute.

What is the time commitment?
Board members are elected to serve a three year term.  Although Board members must be willing to invest time in preparing for and thoughtfully participating in meetings and teleconferences, the time commitment is not onerous.  The Institute of Food Technologists Board meets three times a year for no more than two full days. Board members should also be available to participate in periodic conference calls. Finally, Board members are expected to attend IFT’s Annual Meeting & Food Expo and serve as an ambassador and membership evangelist for IFT. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly McCohen, staff coordinator for the Nominations & Elections Committee, at kmccohen@ift.org.

Thank you for your time and your commitment to IFT.

Phil Nelson

“IFT is really my second home… I've done the whole shebang and it's really helped my career.”

Philip Nelson
World Food Prize Laureate
Purdue University