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Welcome to all of you who have joined IFT through our Membership Referral Program. We’re proud that you have chosen to join our community of more than 17,000 members worldwide. And a special thanks to all the referring members who have made IFT’s voice stronger with every new member.

New Members

  • Anagha Dhananjay Vaidya
  • Amrita Dutta
  • Brandon Reilly
  • Dan Petry
  • James Stone
  • Dr. Pamela Henderson
  • Meichen Pan
  • Timothy Vazquez
  • Trevor Reagan

Referral Members

  • Neeraj Pravin Kamath
  • Benetta Ming Hsu
  • Darleen Shaffery
  • David Phinney
  • Jeremy Higley
  • Dr Barbara Ingham
  • Ken Lee
  • Dr. Stephen Talcott


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Program Manager

“IFT is a good way to stay current in the industry and stay connected with your peers. It is interesting to see what theories are being researched at the local meetings and the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo is very engaging."

Christina Staunton
Project Leader
Nestle USA Inc.