EMERGE Live 2017 Make Connections, Get Inspired, Build Your Career!

Thursday, April 6 12:00-1:00pm CST
EMERGE Live 2017

The New Professionals Workgroup hosted their first ever Emerge Live virtual event, gathering new professional around the globe with resources to shape their career!  If you missed the event, take a listen to the Career Mapping and Ethical Decision Making sessions and start a conversation among your peers in the New Professional IFT Connect community.

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Virtual Event Schedule

Build your network by meeting other new professionals in the science of food.

Hear from new professionals who’ve leveraged IFT resources and how they’ve impacted their careers.

Choose one of three breakout sessions

1. GPS’ing Your Career: Tips and Techniques for Creating a Career Map

Discover navigational tips to put your career on the path to success.

  • Learn how to identify opportunities such as advancement in your career
  • Examine your own career history to determine skills and experiences that can lead to the next phase of your career
  • Gain resources to help you map your own career path

2. Leveraging Your Skills Through Career Transitions

Learn how your skills can make career transitions effortless and exciting.  

Learning Objectives

  • Define professional pivot points that lead you to your next role
  • Identify opportunities for new skill development and close experience gaps that stand between you and your next great opportunity
  • Gather key insights from peers and seasoned professionals on their career transitions

3. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… What About Ethics?

Explore techniques to help with those hard decisions.

Ethics permeate our everyday life as individuals and science of food professionals. We make hundreds of daily decisions from what clothes to wear to how to replace a problematic ingredient.  At the same time, internal and external forces including regulations, deadlines, profit margins, and personal conscience can support and alternatively challenge our ethics. 

This session will explore how ethics impact decisions you face in your work and life. Realistic scenarios will be applied to an ethical decision-making framework, to help you determine what areas to consider depending on the situation.

Learning Objectives

  • You will become aware of how ethics already guide, or should be guiding, your daily decisions
  • You will learn how to identify ethical dilemmas and their implications
  • You will gain tools to apply an ethical decision-making framework to your personal and professional decisions

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet new professionals around the globe and learn how IFT can help you shape your career. Join us for EMERGE Live 2017 on April 6 and get inspired, get informed, and get connected! Register today!