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October 2012


  • The Chronic Disease Food Remedy
    Cures for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity have eluded scientists for decades, but research in nutritional genomics suggests that halting the progression of these diseases may be as simple as a dietary intervention.
  • Reshaping Restaurant Strategies
    From gardens and gourmet kids’ cuisine to lower-calorie and Latin fare, foodservice options continue to evolve to meet consumers’ ever-changing expectations.
  • Plant Contamination Control Close-up
    New food safety requirements and improved microbial sampling methodologies demand better sanitation tools and tactics in food facilities.
  • Global Certification Program Elevates Food Science Profession
    Certified Food Scientist credential builds upon an academic degree and recognizes the practical, applied scientific knowledge and skills required for day-to-day work demands.


John Ruff
John Ruff
Our Understanding of Food, Health, and the Human Genome Continues to Evolve
E. C. Henley & Jeff Dahlberg
Sorghum: An Ancient Grain with Present-Day Benefits
Donald Pszczola
Donald E. Pszczola
Mapping Out New Territories for Texture
Linda Ohr
Linda Milo Ohr
Strengthening the Heart
Neil Mermelstein
Neil H. Mermelstein
Assuring Stevia Quality
J. Peter Clark
J. Peter Clark
Thermodynamics and Food Processing
Aaron Brody
Aaron L. Brody
Micro-oxygen: A Holistic Food Packaging Technology
New Activities Enhance SupplySide West
Jerry Bowman
Jerry Bowman
World Food Day: Be a Food Science Advocate
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