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Kenneth has commented on "Frequently Missed Question - Food Engineering".
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Kenneth is now colleagues with Kara Adams.
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Nicholas has joined "Education, Extension and Outreach".
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Nicholas has joined "Education, Extension and Outreach".
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Nicholas has joined "Food Health & Nutrition".
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Nicholas has joined "Food Chemistry".
12 hours ago
Announcing our 2014-2015 SCSD Chair and Chair Designate!!

I am pleased to announce the next chairs for SCSD!  Leah Gruenig will move into the chair role starting at the annual meeting.  Judy Lindsey has accepted the chair designate role for 2014-2015.  Please join me in congratulating both and thanking them for their dedication to IFT SCSD.

Leah Gruenig is currently the Director of Sensory Research at Beam Global.  She holds a M.S. in Food Science from the University of Missouri and has worked in the field of Sensory Science for over 20 years. She has been a member of IFT for 26 years, active with SCSD for the past 6 years and in 2012 received the SCSD Outstanding Volunteer Award for her exceptional leadership of the SCSD Symposia.   As a professional member of IFT, she was an invited Speaker for a 2013 IFT symposia, ‘Product Quality, from Strategy to Sensory Testing’ and an IFT short course on Repertory Grid methodology in 2002.  She co-chaired symposia on: ‘Fat Perception: Beyond Viscosity’ 1997; ‘Consumer Involvement for New Product Success’, 2000; and ‘Achieving Sodium Reduction in the Food Industry’, 2011.  In 2012 she organized an IFT symposium on ‘Innovative Sensory Tools for Product Quality’, and authored a chapter in the book 'Product Innovation Toolbox: A Field Guide to Consumer Understanding and Research'.

Judy Lindsey has 25 plus years of experience in the food industry with companies including Kellogg’s and ConAgra plus working with many others as General Manager of Product Dynamics, a division of RQA.  Her specialty is in new product development and the translation of consumer wants and needs to product design and formulation.  This has led her to be an avid proponent of the importance of the use of sensory science at every stage of the product learning process – sensory science is key to the translation of consumer wants and needs.  Judy has been an active member of the SCSD for the past 7 years, working within the career and community focus areas.  She is a graduate of The Ohio State University and outside of work is fully occupied by two very active female athletes, her partner in crime, Stuart and her interests in food, travel and her church.

Sarah Kirkmeyer, SCSD Chair
Soo Lee, SCSD Past Chair

13 hours ago
Frequently Missed Question - Sensory/Consumer Evaluation
To facilitate discussion and learning, please share with the group what answer you would select and why.


A manufacturer has developed a new raspberry chipotle flavor for its meat marinade line. A food scientist is asked to design and conduct a consumer test that will show consumer acceptability and purchase intent. Which of the following consumer tests should the food scientist conduct?

  • A. Preference test
  • B. Descriptive test
  • C. Focus group test
  • D. Discrimination test
14 hours ago


    Dairy Market News to April 14, 2014   

Dave Brown
R.A. Chisholm Ltd
Global Dairy & Meat Traders Since 1938 


WIMM-BILL-DANN PROFIT SOARS – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 14, 2014

Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine, one of Ukraine's largest dairy producers, lifted net profit last year from Hr 12.906m (€0.7m) in 2012 to Hr 219.373m (€12.6m). Pepsi-Co bought the business in 2011.



ARLA START UP REFURBISHED PLANT – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 14, 2014

Arla Foods have started operations at the refurbished cheese plant in Kalacheevsky, Voronezsh, north-west Russia. They intend to make 8,000t of cheese there per year and to increase sales from a current €114m to €320m within 3yrs. The milk for the plant is collected by Molvest Group with whom Arla are partnering.



IDB TO BUILD BUTTER PACKING PLANT AT DAIRYGOLD – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 11, 2014

The Irish Dairy Board today announced plans for a new butter packing plant in Cork. The IDB said that had agreed to the investment “as part of a strategic investment plan to grow the Kerrygold brand post 2015”. The butter packing facility will support the development of the Kerrygold brand in a range of packing formats on a single site. It will be located on a dedicated site at Dairygold's Castlefarm Complex in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.



MILK PRODUCTION UP, MILK PRICES UP – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 12, 2014

The USDA have revised their forecast of US milk production in 2014 to 206.1bn lb (90.8bn liters), up nearly 9% in 5yrs and up nearly 27% in 15yrs. The USDA have also raised their forecast of the average all-milk price for 2014 to another all-time record of 22.8c/lb. (51.8c/liter), 14% higher than the 2013 average—and up more than 40% in 10yrs.



KLONDIKE BRANCH INTO GREEK YOGURT – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 14, 2014

Wisconsin cheese maker, Klondike Cheese, have built a Greek yogurt production facility to meet private label demand, and have launched their own brand of Greek yogurt, ‘Odyssey’.  They say they are the first Midwest producer of Greek yogurt. Earlier this year, the company launched a line of reduced fat sour cream and Greek yogurt dips called Adelphos.




Source: posted April 10, 2014




Source: Dairy Farmers of Ontario




Source: posted April 12, 2014



DAIRY COMPANIES AIM FOR €1.3bn IPOs – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 11, 2014

Two more Chinese dairy firms—China Shengmu Organic Milk and Beijing Sunlon—are reported to be planning to raise as much as $1.3bn between them from Hong Kong initial public offerings this year. Shengmu, an organic milk producer based in Inner Mongolia, have hired BOC International and Goldman Sachs Group to handle an IPO that will raise between $500m-$800m.



Fonterra Boosts Cheese Production to Meet Chinese Pizza Demand

Source: American Dairy Products Institute posted April 9, 2014 ex Bloomberg




1 day ago
Student Representative Position

Hello Muscle Foods Division Members! 

Are you interested in becoming more involved with the Muscle Foods Division (MFD)? 

We have wonderful news for you! MFD is looking for individual volunteers to serve on the MFD Executive Committee as a new Junior Student Representative for the year 2014-2016. This is a two year commitment and is available to any current student member of the MFD. During first year, your main responsibility will be to organize and host the division’s Graduate Student Research Paper Competition at the IFT annual meeting. This is a great way to meet and work with professionals from industry and academia! Additional responsibilities will include writing and submitting articles to the division newsletter and organizing the MFD travel award. The Senior Student Representative will be available to help guide the Junior Student Representative. Don't worry; it's a pretty easy job! After your first year, the Junior Student Representative becomes the Senior Student Representative for the second year. Both student representatives (Junior and Senior) are required to attend the MFD Executive Board meeting, which will be held at the IFT annual meeting. For all the hard work, both student representatives will receive $500 in travel funds to attend the IFT annual meeting. If you are interested in serving as the MFD Junior Student Representative, please submit a resume and one page essay describing why you would make a good MFD Student Representative, to me ( by Friday, May 30, 2014. 

Submitted by: Mahesh

Mahesh Narayanan Nair

Graduate Student Representative, IFT Muscle Foods Division, University of Kentucky

1 day ago
SCSD Fundraising Campaign - Letting the Good Times Roll!

The smell of Jambalaya and sounds of New Orleans Jazz are fast approaching. IFT’s Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division are looking for your help to roll into our 2014 Fundraising Campaign and generate funds for the SCSD Scholarship and Achievement Awards.

 SCSD has several opportunities to donate and Thank you for your contribution. 

Corporate Sponsor

 2014 Goal:

Sponsor levels available:
·         RUBY Level ($4,000+)
·         Gold ($2,000-$3,999)
·         Silver ($1,000 - $1,999)
·         Bronze ($400 - $999)

 Potential benefits include:
New! - Company recognition in SCSD community before the IFT Annual Meeting and up to 4 additional times throughout year.

SCSD collectible item. Name and logo on SCSD networking event table displays that reflects sponsor level. Verbal recognition at event. Name and logo on event materials. Additional company materials available at the event. 

Individual Members

We are looking for individual members to donate to SCSD’s Scholarship Fund. All donors will be recognized on event materials, and those contributing $100 or more will receive a special edition Thank you gift.

 All individual donations go directly to the SCSD Scholarship fund and are tax deductible.

Silent Auction Donation

Always a hit at the SCSD Networking reception, we are calling for donations to our Silent Auction. All proceeds go directly to the SCSD Scholarship fund.

 This year we are encouraging portable, luggage friendly items to increase participation and make the friendly competition even better.

 If you would like to donate or have any questions, please contact Mandy Boquin at You may also soon be receiving emails with more information on the Fundraising Campaign. Thank you in advance for your dedication and contribution to the SCSD Scholarship and Achievement Awards.

 Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Let the good times roll!

4 days ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
7 Members
8 days ago
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
14 Members
14 days ago
2014 Lead 360
2014 Lead 360
8 Members
15 days ago
CFS Prep Course March 2014
CFS Prep Course March 2014
33 Members
28 days ago
Leadership Development Task Force
Leadership Development Task Force
7 Members
43 days ago

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