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E-News July 2014 - Messages from the Leadership Team

* Message from Past Chair

Dear FVPD members,

I would to like to personally thank you for your great contributions to the division activities throughout the year, and especially during IFT Meeting in New Orleans, LA.  With your strong support, our division has sponsored/co-sponsored 12 technical sessions during the IFT meeting.  In addition, we have actively involved in webinars, conference calls, and many other high impact activities. Thank you all, but especially Bassam, Thao, Olga , Oscar, Yanyun, Yaguang (Sunny), Xuetong, and Wenqing for your dedicated service to our community.  Great appreciation also goes to Katie Paffhouse, Stacy Hodge, Cassie Peabody and all the IFT staff for their tremendous help.

I also would like to congratulate our graduate student poster competition winners, newly elected Fellows (Drs. Diane M. Barrett and Olga I. Padilla-Zakour), and division’s Outstanding Volunteer and Service Award winners (Qian Deng and Jun Yang). Last, but not least, I want to extend my best wishes to our new leadership team, Jun (Chair), Thao (Chair-elect), Qian (Secretary), and Yaguang (Members-at-Large), among other continuing leaders.

Best regards,

Changqing  Wu, Ph.D.

* Message from Chair (2014-2015)

Dear Division members,

It is a big honor for me to serve you as Chair of Fruits and Vegetables Product Division (FVPD) for the year of 2014-15. I sincerely thank the Executive Committee members of the Division and IFT for this opportunity. I also thank the past FVPD leadership team for their inputs, efforts, and tremendous work done to make an achievable and fruitful 2013-2014. In addition, I have come to know many distinguished Food Science professionals in FVPD, and they have set up role models and inspiration. 

This role signifies lots of commitment and responsibilities. Working with a group of outstanding associates who are passionate about our profession and the Division is a great sense of fulfillment and belonging. The leadership team will take opportunities and challenges to address multiple activities, including on-line Webinar, eNewsletter, symposium, etc. which will benefit the whole food community. For example, one of our 2014-2015 main themes is innovative and emerging technologies in fruit and vegetable processing. Through webcast offered by IFT or paid webcast option sponsored by our division, technologies including high power ultrasound (HPU), pulsed electric field (PEF), and infrared heating etc. will be addressed. 

I am highly hopeful of getting full support from our esteemed division members. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the leadership members with your ideas, comments, questions and suggestions.

Looking forward to closely working with each of you to make a successful 2014-2015!

Best Wishes,

Jun Yang, Ph.D.

* 2014-2015 Fruit and Vegetable Products Division (FVPD) Leadership Team

Chair: Dr. Jun Yang

Chair - Elect: Dr. Thao Ngo

Past - Chair: Dr. Changqing Wu

Secretary: Ms. Qian Deng

Awards Chair: Dr. Yanyun Zhao

Scientific Program Division Chairs/Lead Reviewers: Dr. Yanyun Zhao

Graduate Student Competition Division Chair: Dr. Olga I Padilla-Zakour

Scholarships Chair: Dr. Diane Marie Barrett / Dr. Xuetong Fan / Dr. Monica Giusti

Graduate Student Representatives: TBD

Members at large: Dr. Yaguang Luo

Treasurer: TBD

* Consolidated notes from Leadership Meeting on July 11, 2014


The 2 top themes in Division education content development will be 

- Innovative and emerging technologies in fruit and vegetable processing (addressing issues related to quality, safety, research, and scale-up);

- Alignment with FSMA: Issues related to safety of post-harvest fruit and vegetable.

Aligned with these themes, there will be Division’s activities including

- Symposium (at the Annual Meeting, 2015) organized by Changqin Wu and Xuetong Fan, detailed plan to be completed and distributed to Leadership Team by Nov 2014.

- Webcast on High Power Ultrasound (HPU) and Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Pre-Treatment to Enhance Dehydration, coordinated by Jun Yang. Live broadcast projected on the second week of September 2014.

- On-line education via member posting in IFT Connect (coordinated by Division super-user team): links to news/documents (Thao Ngo), research compilation (TBD), and discussion (Qian Deng). Detailed plan and roll out steps are in development and to be finalized by September.     


Activities building and sense of community among members

- Welcome E-message to members to be sent on Sept 2014. Currently draft by Thao & Qian.

- Division Networking Reception at the Annual Meeting (at the Annual Meeting, 2015)

- Member highlight: Featuring on Division’s IFT Connect the members actively involved in Division activities. Draft for Who’s Who is being developed and sent to Leadership Team members to be filled by September (Thao & Jun).


- The Leadership Team members are listed in the end of this note. The Division is looking for recommendation for Student Rep position for 2014-2015.

- Division Meeting will be scheduled every other month starting July 2014. 1:30 CDT on Friday Sept.26, 2014; Nov. 28, 2014; Jan. 23, 2015; Mar. 27, 2015; May 29, 2015; and July 3, 2015. All Division members are welcome. To participate, please send an email to Cassie Peabody, to be added to the meeting list. Please c/c Division Chair at

- There are volunteering opportunities to fit members’ busy schedule, such as 

- Once per year: competition review panels (December or June), fund raising, IFT reception (June), 

- Year round: Submitting material for publication on the member-to-member group, or participating in on-line discussion posts either by contacting the Division super user team or post a comment.

* Please feel free to contact us if having any further question and suggestion. In addition, we are looking for more members to be involved in the Fruit and Vegetable Products Division and volunteers are always welcomed!  

Fruit and Vegetable Products Division Leadership Team

July 2014
8 hours ago
Food Engineering Diagrams from Philip Sadler
Please see the 3 attached PDFs for diagrams and calculations explaining heat balance, material balance and orange juice pasteurization. These are also in the Box file.

Thanks Philip!
8 hours ago
Student Feedback
Dear Students, The Nutraceutical and Functional Foods (NFF) Division would like to welcome you. We are happy to see that there is such a large number of student members. The NFF Division has a Graduate Poster Competition and Graduate Scholarship specifically geared towards students. We would love to hear your feedback on these types of programs. Would you like to see anything added or changed? What other programs or activities would you like to see in the NFF Division? Feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the leadership team if you have interest in getting involved in the division or have any suggestions on things you would like to see from the NFF division during the upcoming year. Sincerely, Clarissa NFF Student Rep
8 hours ago
Tips from Luis Espinoza, CFS
Tips from Luis Espinoza, CFS

• Manage your time wisely. Check for review later and move on to the next one.
• Calculator is provided on the computer screen. Most testing centers don’t allow you to bring anything in or out of the testing room with you. Check with your testing center for their rules and policies.
• Study approach:  took prep course to identify strengths and weakness. Microbiology was one of his weaknesses, as well as some sensory areas. Asked professors for text book recommendations and classroom materials in those areas.
• Read 30-60 minutes a day, focusing on his “weak” areas. Reviewed other content areas. Focused mostly on product development – using books recommended for course, as well as books recommended by professors teaching those areas.
• Practice test questions are a good representation of the questions on the Exam. Used his practice test scores to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses.
• In questions with long sentences as options – look for key words. Key words can help you identify the correct answer or eliminate an answer.
• You are not given a score for the CFS Exam. You will be notified when to expect your results – given a maximum date to receive results.
• Questions on exam were more elaborate. Took a little more time to answer than expected.  Went back to review 10 questions in the last 10 minutes.  Focused on product development.
• Reviewed basic concepts the night before.
• Got up early and left house early to make sure he was on-time (traffic!) to check in to the testing center early. 
• Make sure you have the IDs requested by the testing center and bring a print out of your exam confirmation.
• Check in: Take your IDs. Take your fingerprints. They assign a locker where you leave all your belongings. 
• Sat in a cubicle area. Given paper and pencil, dry erase board and a pair of headphones.  
• Clock on the screen and questions left so you can monitor your progress.
• Room was quiet with good lighting and a comfortable chair.
• When you’re done, you may have to raise your hand or press a button.  Someone in the room is watching and will escort you in and out of the room.

Questions for Luis? Send him an email at

9 hours ago
Review webcast and Overall Course Evaluation

Thanks to all who joined today's Q&A/review webcast and in the recording.  My apologies for the technical difficulties during the early part of the call - I had no idea you couldn't see my screen for a portion of it! 

The faculty who were not present also expressed their apologies for not being able to join the webcast due to unforeseen circumstances, but are willing to answer questions via email.

Luis Espinoza joined the end of the webcast. If you're only interested in his test-taking tips and experience, fast forward the webcast to a little over three-quarters of the way through.  I will post Luis's tips and contact information in a separate discussion. 

Webcast recording (It is VERY slow to load, and there is no picture for the first portion - sorry.):

Final Overall Course Evaluation: - Please complete by next Friday, August 8th

9 hours ago
CFS in the Philippines
A pool of certified food scientists based in the Philippines, advancing awareness (in theory and in practice) about the key role of food science and technology to the society.
2 Members
56 days ago
CFS Prep Course June 2014
CFS Prep Course June 2014
89 Members
57 days ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
8 Members
114 days ago
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
16 Members
120 days ago
2014 Lead 360
2014 Lead 360
24 Members
121 days ago

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