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Frequently Missed Question - August 21st

You are developing a new gluten-freepasta/macaroni product.  Which ingredientwould be suitable for use in your product?

A. rye flour

B. rice flour

C. semolina flour

D. whole wheat flour

20 hours ago
Gluten - Free Diet

A gluten-free diet has a significant value to those who are sensitive to gluten.

However, I noticed that most people, who self -diagnose themselves, do not know what gluten is. I have read a lot of articles and opinions about a gluten-free diet, where people think of gluten as fat, “not sure what it is but they do not need that thing”, or “some element that is in different kinds of food”. We know that two important proteins in the endosperm of wheatkernel are gluten-forming proteins, glutenin and gliadin. When flour is mixedwith water, glutenin and gliadin form a network of gluten, which is important for the structure of baked goods. Because of gluten’s viscoelasticity we can enjoy good quality bread.

Different cultures have been eating grains for tens ofthousands of years. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into bread making,and I love to make different kinds of bread products for my family.

Is there enough scientific research to say that a glutenfree diet is beneficial for our health?  People say, “Bread is the staff of life”. I think it is true.   

1 day ago
Article of the Week - Risk-based Audit Selection
This article is about criteria for ranking of suppliers and presents an approach to classify producers based on product quality to then determine ways to improve their performance. 

The idea was to relate the effect (lower quality products) with the cause (audit results) and propose solutions to the problem.

Risk-based audit selection of dairy farms

Do you agree with the article? Which do you think that will be more effective: audit randomization or frequency?
1 day ago
Lighthouse Targeted Questions Poll - now open
Hi everyone, The link to the poll for selecting the top 5 - 10 questions has been sent out to your individual email addresses. Voting is open from Aug 21 to Aug 28. Your participation is appreciated. If there are any issues with the poll, please email me at Thanks. Neola
1 day ago
question from practice test
Hi everyone, I wanted to check the answer for one of the practice questions: What attribute of a typical home freezer results in formation of large ice crystals in frozen foods during storage? a. auto-defrost cycle b. heat from compressors c. high temperature set-point d. presence of high moisture foods thanks and good luck to everyone on the test.
21 hours ago
Food technologists Pakistan
This is a group of Pakistani Food Technologists
1 Member
15 days ago
CFS in the Philippines
A pool of certified food scientists based in the Philippines, advancing awareness (in theory and in practice) about the key role of food science and technology to the society.
2 Members
78 days ago
CFS Prep Course June 2014
CFS Prep Course June 2014
89 Members
79 days ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
7 Members
136 days ago
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
16 Members
142 days ago

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