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A Great Introduction to IFT

$99 annually*

IFT’s Networking and Engagement membership is a great way for you to get an introduction to what IFT can offer you. IFT’s Networking and Engagement membership provides you the opportunity to get involved, meet knowledgeable peers, and stay in the know to help you advance your career and the science of food.

The Networking and Engagement membership is right for you if you’re looking for:

  • An affordable membership option that provides you global access to a network of talented, like-minded science of food professionals
  • Access to a network of experts who have the information you need to help you solve problems at your job
  • Access to the latest research and innovations
  • Access and analysis of trends and what’s next
  • Trusted information in concise bite-sized pieces
  • Learning opportunities to help you stay on top of your technical and business skills so you can advance your career
  • Connections for new job opportunities
  • Access to companies that are hiring
  • Opportunities to give back through meaningful volunteer activities

If you need access to the most cutting-edge information about the science of food and the community making it all happen, then the Networking and Engagement membership option is for you.

With your Networking and Engagement membership, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Plus, as a Networking and Engagement member, we’ll keep you up to date on industry news via our newsletters and reports. The Networking and Engagement membership is your opportunity to get involved, meet your colleagues, and stay in the know. And this is just a sample of what you’ll receive as an IFT Networking & Engagement member!

View membership benefits by membership category matrix. (PDF)

*Note: Section dues are additional and vary by section where applicable.

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