January 2018

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January 2018


  • Is the Future of Meat Animal-Free?
    Liz Specht
    Advances in cell culture research are moving the commercialization of clean meat closer to reality, potentially yielding significant benefits in the areas of food safety, food security, and sustainability.
  • What, When, and Where America Eats
    A. Elizabeth Sloan
    U.S. consumers’ palates and plates are changing thanks to a renewed focus on home, outsourcing food preparation, and the influence of kids/teens.
  • Making Sustainable Chocolate the Norm
    Kelly Hensel
    Barry Callebaut is working on the ground to improve cocoa’s sustainability by addressing social and cultural issues, farmer training, and access to inputs and funds.
  • 3-D Printing in the Food Packaging Industry
    Justin Haschick
    3-D printing technology enables rapid prototyping of new designs, helps avoid costly changes to molds, and shortens the overall time to market.


Cindy Stewart
Our Members’ Needs
Roger Clemens
The Silent Emergency in Ethiopia
Food Technology Staff
Overcoming the Challenges of Feeding Global Megacities
Karen Nachay
Forward-Looking Fats and Oils
Linda Milo Ohr
Ingredients to Serve and Protect Immune Health
Neil H. Mermelstein
Food Forensics: Investigating Food Crime
Tara McHugh
How Tea Is Processed
Claire Koelsch Sand
Packaging That Keeps Produce Fresh
Food Technology Staff
Googling Food Trends

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    Mimicking Meat, Seafood, and Dairy
    Complex, realistic analogs with simple, unique flavor formulations offer an increasingly sophisticated array of options for consumers seeking meat-free alternatives.
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