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Membership Types There are IFT membership types to fit every phase of your career.

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IFT has several different categories of membership. Anyone who is active in any aspect of the food profession and interested in supporting the objectives of IFT is welcome to become a member of our organization.

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Within IFT Connect you’ll find open discussion areas for engaging in conversations on topics that interest you, as well as special groups you can join (or may already be a part of) that focus on key areas of food science as well as division-specific topics. Take part in discussions about food product development, food processing, dairy, sensory science, and much more. You can also identify and connect with other IFT members through our online member directory. 

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IFT has played an integral part of my professional development.

Brian Farkas, Ph.D.
Head and Professor of Food Science
Purdue University
Brian Farkus