Nominations and Elections

The IFT Leadership Election opened on February 3, 2020 and concluded on March 2, 2020. The candidates listed below were elected by the general membership and will take office on September 1, 2020.

IFT President-Elect

IFT Board of Directors

IFT Nominations & Elections Committee

IFT’s voting membership elects one member for President-Elect, four members for the Board of Directors, and three members for the Nominations & Elections Committee. During our election, February 3–March 2, 2020, IFT members were able to cast their ballots electronically from any Internet-accessible computer worldwide. IFT sent emails containing voting instructions to the general membership (Premier, Networking & Engagement, Emeritus, and Joint International members) on Feb. 3, Feb. 12, Feb. 18, Feb. 25, Feb. 28., Mar. 1, and Mar. 2.


Section Elections

The following sections also elected new leadership as part of the IFT Leadership Election:

  • Aksarben Section IFT
  • Alamo Section IFT
  • Chicago Section IFT
  • Dogwood Section IFT
  • Florida Section IFT
  • Iowa Section IFT
  • Kansas City Section IFT
  • Long Island Section IFT
  • Minnesota Section IFT
  • New York Section IFT
  • Ohio Valley Section IFT
  • Oklahoma Section IFT
  • Philadelphia Section IFT
  • South Eastern Section IFT
  • Southern California Section IFT
  • St. Louis Section IFT

“I have had the honor to serve in various elected leadership positions within both the Biotechnology and Nonthermal Processing Divisions. Joining the IFT Board of Directors feels like a natural extension of my Division leadership experiences. Being on the Board has been a fulfilling experience as I have the opportunity to work with a globally diverse team of Board members and IFT staff, to serve and contribute to an organization that has given me so much, and it has been a lot of fun!”

- Cindy Stewart, IFT President 2017-2018
Cindy Stewart

September 5
Nomination Form deadline
Any questions, please contact Anna Desai ([email protected]), IFT Board of Directors Liaison.

October 25
All candidates will be contacted by Nominations & Elections Committee
Reference calls for candidates moving to the second round of process

October 29–30
Live interview via video conference

November 1
All candidates will be contacted by Nominations & Elections Committee

November 18
Announcement of candidate slate to the membership
Candidate webinar to review election process and campaigning

December 2019–February 2020
Candidate profile promotion 

February 3–March 2, 2020
Election voting is open

March 6
All candidates will be contacted by Nominations & Elections Committee

May 18–20
Board Orientation

You must be an active member of IFT to participate.

Please confirm your most recent email address is provided to IFT to ensure delivery of nomination and election communications. To verify, please contact [email protected].

IFT board leaders are responsible for cultivating a professional community committed to advance the science of food and its application across the global food system. The Board of Directors upholds strategic promises to IFT members to focus on individual development, productive networks, scientific innovation and issues advocacy.

In addition to the criteria outlined, board members are expected to work in collaboration with fellow board members and partner with staff to:

  • Consider ways to increase member value
  • Uphold its fiduciary duty including establishing the fiscal year and approving an annual budget
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming organizational culture
  • Be active and positive supporters of IFT
  • Come prepared for all meetings and discussions
  • Actively and positively support IFT with your time and talent
  • Hone expertise in environmental scanning, critical thinking, and resource allocation
  • Apply leading-edge approaches to strategic thinking and planning
  • Foster leadership development in self and others
  • Serve as a communication champion for the organization
  • Actively participate as Board liaison to assigned sections or other task forces
  • Aid in succession planning and identifying volunteer leader candidates
  • Directors serve staggered three-year terms on the fiscal year, September 1 – August 31.
  • President Elect serves a one-year term then automatically succeeds the President at the end of his/her term and then assumes the office of Immediate Past President. A three year commitment. The President Elect also serves a three year term as a Trustee on the Feeding Tomorrow Board of Trustees.
  • Attend three-day orientation program and actively participate in ongoing board development program
  • Prepare for and attend three Board meetings each year and the Annual Event as well as selected other educational programs and/or activities, and participate regularly in Board calls.

IFT Board candidates background should reflect:

  • Strong investment in food science and technology; experience in the field at a senior level
  • Experience on other boards and board positions held
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Relevant expertise in the disciplines of organizational management
  • Experience in reviewing and evaluating financial reporting and budgeting
  • Certified Food Scientist is a plus but not a must

IFT Board members are required to commit to the following during their board tenure:

  • Support from employer and colleagues regarding the time and financial commitment required for board service
  • Prepare for and attend three Board meetings each year and the Annual Event as well as selected other educational programs and/or activities, and participate regularly in Board calls
  • Actively participate as Board liaison to assigned sections or other task forces
  • Ability and willingness to serve as formal or informal mentor within IFT
  • Adhere to campaign guidelines
  • Support initiatives and/or campaigns of Feeding Tomorrow, IFT’s Foundation

Board candidates should reflect the following personal characteristics:

  • Personable and easy to approach, accessible to members
  • Demonstrated ability to interact well with IFT members
  • Ability to work well with the President, EVP and IFT Staff
  • Global perspective
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation and participation among all Board members
  • Skilled in multi-dimensional thinking and problem analysis
  • Capacity to utilize knowledge for decision making that benefits the overall organization
  • Visionary and strategic thinker, future focused
  • Ability to represent the profession and IFT in an articulate manner
  • Understanding and appreciation for value of diversity

All Board candidate experience is required to reflect the following:

  • Premier Membership required
  • Demonstrated leadership commitment, effort and involvement with IFT; including committee/task force/section/division involvement and program attendance
  • Diverse IFT participation and IFT leadership background
  • Leadership experience with allied industry or academic organizations a plus
  • Has developed high quality relationships within IFT

NOTE: To ensure Board diversity, individuals with less IFT volunteer experience may be considered.

Diversity within the Board as a whole:

  • Broad representation of membership demographics to include areas of practice (i.e., academia, government, corporations, consultancy) and broad global and cultural experience
  • Broad representation of IFT sections, divisions, working groups
  • Broad representation of professional categories (i.e., student, new professional, senior professional)
  • Diverse special interests/expertise (ie., food safety, regulatory, education, engineering, etc.).