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Brain Food - The Official Blog of IFT

Connections Build Communities
The ability to build authentic connections that foster a sense of community is a powerful skill that serves us well in our personal and professional lives. Read more

#IamIFT: 5 Reasons IFT Divisions are the Place to Be
According to IFT member and recent Dairy Foods Division Chair Donna Miller, IFT Divisions serve as neighborhoods in a big city, providing opportunities for community, growth, and contribution. Read more

Appetite for Improved Gut Health Leads to Innovation
Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking products designed to improve their digestive health, creating a significant market opportunity for global food and beverage companies and the need to prepare the market for new product introductions. Read more

The Role of Probiotics in Metabolic Health
Studies show that the gut microbiome plays a role in host metabolism, and modulation of its composition could be a promising strategy for weight management and improving metabolic health. In part two of a four-part series, IFT explores the impact of probiotics have in creating a healthier balance of gut bacteria. Read more

Good Health Starts with a Healthy Gut
Maintaining a healthy gut is critically important. While genetics are a factor, research shows that diet has substantially more of an impact on the gut microbiome. In the first of a four-part series, IFT explores the gut microbiome and its relationship to diet and health. Read more

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