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At IFT, we believe that science and innovation are essential to a global food system that is safe, nutritious, and sustainable. We stay abreast of public policy, food laws, regulations, and standards relating to the food system. Here you can access information and resources, including IFT commentary and advocacy tools to help you engage your networks and broader communities with an objective scientific perspective.


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You can make a difference. Help raise awareness about the value of food science and food innovation.

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Policy Developments right arrow
Stay abreast of national and international developments regarding science, policy, regulation, and standards for food and nutrition.
2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans right arrow
View IFT's comments emphasizing the role and importance of food scientist(s) and technologist(s) on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.
Codex Alimentarius Commission Updates right arrow
Learn about the latest Codex developments designed to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in food trade.
Advocacy right arrow
Learn how IFT is advocating for the science of foodand technology, how you can become an advocate, and resources available toassist you.
IFT Advocacy Efforts Help Contribute to Increase in AFRI Food Research Funding right arrow
Following IFT efforts to raise awareness among policymakers about the importance of funding food science research, the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Foundational and Applied Science Program has allocated $39 million for the Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health priority area for the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years.
Date Labeling Toolkit right arrow
Learn the difference between “best if used by,” “use by,” and “sell by?” And how does confusion around these terms create food waste in the U.S.
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Why Food Science Matters

Food science plays a vital role in ensuing our world’s food supply is safe, nutritious, delicious, plentiful, and sustainable. Explore and share these thought-provoking resources to spread the word about food science’s positive impact.

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For more than a decade, IFT has received funding from a variety of organizations and government agencies to address food-related issues, by drawing on the expertise of our members and non-members. IFT is uniquely positioned to provide scientific and technical expertise on topics related to the science of food.

Individuals, government agencies, or organizations interested in contracting/consulting with IFT or serving as experts/subcontractors to address food-related issues are encouraged to contact IFT.

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