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From the award-winning editors of Food Technology Magazine.

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EP 33: Ag Futurist Robert Saik, Vickie Kloeris on NASA, @TheBlackFoodScientist Shares the Science

Get the latest expert insights into the world of food science and technology in the April 2024 episodes of the Omnivore podcast, brought to you from Food Technology magazine.

EP 32: Hurdling FSMA 204 Challenges, Tufts Cultured Meat Research, Australia Innovation Hotspot

Get fast-tracked into the world of the science of food with the March 2024 episodes of IFT’s Omnivore podcast.

EP 31: Alternative Snacks, Understanding Sensory Science, A Positive Approach to Food Science

Get fast-tracked into the world of the science of food with the March 2024 episodes of IFT’s Omnivore podcast.

EP 30: PFAS, BVO and Heavy Metals, Oh My!, Social Media for Product Development, Shark Tank Primetime Tips

Learn from the brightest minds in food science and top innovators in the food industry in the October episodes of the Omnivore podcast.

EP 29: 2024 Consumer Trends, Chef Spike Mendelsohn on Good Eating, The Soil-Nutrition Connection

Learn from the brightest minds in food science and the industry insiders who bring the know-how in the February 2024 episodes of the Omnivore podcast.

IFT Sci Dish

EP 24: The Sweet Side of Toxicology: Exploring the Safety of Artificial Sweeteners

Originally developed to reduce caloric intake, these sugar substitutes have become a hot topic for consumers.

EP 23: DEI’s Role in Supporting a Sustainable Food Ecosystem

Discover how Ingredion leverages diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), supplier diversity and well-being, pipeline programs, and community-driven initiatives to drive innovative solutions within their organization, helping create a more accessible, safer, and sustainable global food system for everyone.

EP 22: Plastic on Your Plate: Exploring the Effects of Micro & Nano Plastics on our Health and Food

Plastics have been a popular choice for food packaging for a considerable time, but the resulting accumulation of non-biodegradable plastic waste has caused growing concern about its detrimental effects on both the environment and human health.

EP 21: Sensory Science Series - “Fast & Early” - An approachable path to the valuable consumer voice - Part 2

This is the second podcast in a Sensory Sciences series in collaboration with the Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division.

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