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You play a crucial role in advancing and fortifying global food systems. That’s critically important work. Amplify your impact with immediate access to expert guidance, indispensable resources, a diverse network, and catalysts for career growth you’ll only find with IFT.

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"If you’re in food science, you join IFT. It’s a must. That is how you meet people, that is how you find new collaborators, that is how you advance your research and your career."

- Sriloy Dey, PhD, senior research associate, The Ohio State University
Sriloy Dey

"I joined IFT as a graduate student to develop my professional opportunities. Sure enough, I met my future boss through IFT, and that is how I landed my first job."

- Yuqi Luo, senior food safety and quality specialist, Nestle
Yuqi Luo

"IFT has helped me significantly advance my career by connecting me to a network of experts in the field. This network has given me access to various opportunities I may never have had otherwise."

- Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, PhD, associate teaching professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
Kathiravan Krishnamurthy

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More than 11,000 individuals from more than 90 countries are part of the IFT membership community. Our members span every career stage from student to retiree and nearly every role across the global food system. People join IFT for a variety of reasons as unique as they are, but they share the same goal: to harness the power of this community to help them as they work to develop food that is safe, nutritious, tastes great, and feeds our growing global population.

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