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High-protein cereal, Authentic Mexican simmer sauces, and Boldly flavored ice pops

A column describing three new consumer products available for purchase.

Experts to U.S. Senate: 'Food is Medicine' Boosts Health, Economy

The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions heard testimony from four experts on how “food is medicine” programs can improve national health, reduce healthcare costs, and energize local food systems.

Creating a Culture of Female Food Heroes

Nutritionist and ‘silo smasher’ Tambra Raye Stevenson works on the front lines of food advocacy, promoting food as a healing agent for change.

Seeing Kelp

Matt Haight, culinary and quality manager for Atlantic Sea Farms, discusses the delicate flavor and nutritional properties of kelp and the company’s mission to help Maine’s lobster farmers and the local waters against a changing climate.

Unlocking the Potential of Food as Medicine

Beatrice A. Abiero shares how Instacart Health is working to use its technology and partnerships to scale food as medicine initiatives.

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