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The Institute of Food Technologists is dedicated to investing in global communities that work to ensure a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone. Members in our topical, interest-based groups, known as Divisions, share knowledge freely, generate learning, collaborate, and innovate through the development and sharing of knowledge through webcasts and podcasts, online forums like IFT Connect, IFT’s online community, and in-person at the IFT Annual Meeting. With 24 individual groups spanning the science of food, there are plenty of opportunities contribute, learn, or expand your network.

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Aquatics Division close up of salmon
Aquatic Food Products right arrow
Addresses all aspects of the science and technology of fish and shellfish including harvesting, production, preparation, processing, utilization, nutrition, and marketing.
Biotechnology Division droplet into beaker
Biotechnology right arrow
Explores opportunities in this multidisciplinary field ranging from GMO's and probiotics to microbial fermentation and plant cell culture.
Carbohydrate Division breads, yeast, oats
Carbohydrates right arrow
Addresses the science of carbohydrate chemistry, characterization, manufacture, functionality, and use in foods.
Dairy division milk pouring and splashing
Dairy Foods right arrow
Building a bridge between basic research and applied technology in the dairy industry.
Education Division scientist smiling and microscope
Educations, Extension & Outreach right arrow
A forum to discuss the continuum of food science education, from elementary school to adulthood.
Food Chemistry Division closeup of microscope
Food Chemistry right arrow
Addresses the composition and properties of food and food ingredients, and the chemical, physical, and biological changes in food constituents as a result of preparation, processing and storage.
Food Engineering Division dissection of rotting banana
Food Engineering right arrow
Focusing on all aspects of food engineering to inspire innovation and help solve mutual challenges.
Food Law Division law book
Food Laws and Regulations right arrow
Focuses on food policy and regulations- impact on industry, consumers & trade.
Food Microbiology Division closeup of substance in petri dish
Food Microbiology right arrow
Largest professional organization of food microbiologists in the world, encompassing all areas of food microbiology.
Food Packaging bottling
Food Packaging right arrow
Provides leadership and technical expertise in food packaging technologies.
Food Service Division close up on plates being served by waiter
Food Service right arrow
Join colleagues who are focused on exploring issues related to the supply, presentation, and delivery of food.
Fruit Division - close up on various fruit types
Fruit & Vegetable Products right arrow
Concentrates on the production and post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables for processing, and the manufacturing, packaging, and storage of processed fruit and vegetable products and by-products.
International Division pair of hands holding a globe
International Division right arrow
Promotes international scientific communication and technology transfer among food scientists through its newsletter, education programs, and hosting of non-U.S. members at the IFT Annual Meeting.
Marketing Division supermarket cart close up
Marketing, Sales & Management right arrow
Focus on marketing, sales, and management activities directly involved in the development of food and beverage products.
Muscle Foods Division closeup on meats, sausage, tomatoes
Muscle Foods right arrow
Uses research to enhance the processing of muscle proteins into meat products.
Nonthermal Processing - up close on commercial processing units
Non-thermal Processing right arrow
Provides a forum for discussing nonthermal technologies for processing foods such as pulsed power engineering, ultra-high pressure, ozone, and reemerging food irradiation.
Nutraceutical Division close up on nuts and pill.
Nutraceutical & Functional Foods right arrow
Follow the latest scientific advances concerning health benefits of nutraceuticals and functional foods, and explore up-to-date industrial practices for optimizing their production and efficacy.
Nutrition a plate of fruits and veggies with stethoscope and clipboard
Nutrition right arrow
Bridging the gap between food science and health, wellness, and nutrition.
Research Development Division purple substance poured from one beaker to another
Product Development right arrow
Provides a platform for food science professionals to interact, inquire, collaborate, and develop new or improved food products, ingredients, processes and packaging.
Protein Division closeup on fish and other seafood
Protein right arrow
Addresses all aspects of the science and technology of plant based, muscle based, and alternative proteins.
Quality Assurance two scientists with headcovers looking at paper in an industry setting
Quality Management right arrow
A forum for issues relating to quality assurance, quality control, and food wholesomeness.
Frozen Foods Division grocery store refrigerators
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods right arrow
Concentrates on all aspects of the preservation of foods employing refrigeration or freezing technology.
Sensory Science Division close up of woman in lab coat sniffing substance in a beaker
Sensory & Consumer Sciences right arrow
Engage with colleagues who are interested and involved in the measurement, analysis, and interpretation of human beings' reactions to the characteristics of foods and related materials as perceived through the five senses.
Sustainable Food Systems 3-D illustration of city and park on a globe
Sustainable Food Systems Division right arrow
Exploring a food system that provides healthy food to people and creates sustainable environmental, economic and social systems that surround food.
Toxicology Division 3 different beaker sizes with colored liquid in each beaker
Toxicology & Safety Evaluation right arrow
A forum for scientific evaluation of additives, GRAS ingredients & contaminants.
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