Biotechnology division

Biotechnology Division

Explores opportunities in this multidisciplinary field ranging from GMOs and probiotics to microbial fermentation and plant cell culture.

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Xiaolei Shi Biotechnology Division
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Division Accomplishments/Recognition

  • The Outstanding Volunteer award honors a current Division member who provided exemplary volunteer work to the Division in the current year. The 2023-2024 recipient is Dimple Kundiyana
  • The Outstanding Service award honors current Division members who have demonstrated a history of service to the Division or field. The 2023-2024 recipient is Anuj Purohit.

Division Oral Competition Finalists

  • Jiaqi Mi, National University of Singapore, Optimizing Plant Protein Hydrolysates (PPHs) for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) Replacement in Animal Cell Culture Using Crossflow Ultrafiltration: Significance of Molecular Weight Distribution
  • Emerson Nolasco, University of Nebraska, Elucidating a Novel Hypertension Treatment Approach Through Egg White Hydrolysate and Gut Microbiome Synergism In-Vitro
  • Phanatchakorn Sutham, University of Minnesota, A Cost Effective, Portable and Field-Deployable GMR Platform for the Detection of Foodborne Pathogens in Dairy Products

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