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Follow the latest scientific advances concerning health benefits of nutraceuticals and functional foods, and explore up-to-date industrial practices for optimizing their production and efficacy.

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Chin-Kun Wang Nutraceutical & Functional Foods Division
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With global uncertainty and increasing challenges (viruses, infection, non-communicable diseases), nutraceuticals and functional foods play a critical role in prevention, therapy assistance, reducing medical costs, and providing a higher quality of life to everyone. With treasures from nature, proper application by using scientific evidence is required. NFFD is the best bridge and platform to push and promote such development in the near future. With many members from the functional food area, our goal for this Division is to enhance our engagement with the nutraceutical (dietary supplement) field and bring in different perspectives to provide more information, knowledge, funding, collaboration, and job and internship opportunities to our members. Please reach out with questions about getting involved.

We welcome ideas and suggestions and encourage you to engage with us on IFT Connect and follow our LinkedIn so that you can receive Division news and participate in group discussions instantly. We also look forward to meeting you in person at IFT FIRST!

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A bimonthly seminar series will be featured during monthly volunteer meetings. We welcome new members to join meetings to learn from experts in different fields.

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Division Recognitions / Accomplishments

  • Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, the first chair of the Nutraceutical & Functional Foods Division was awarded the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of Nicolas Appert.
  • Outstanding Volunteer - The Outstanding Volunteer award honors a current Division member who provided exemplary volunteer work to the Division in the current year. The 2021-2022 recipient is Emerson Nolasco.
  • Outstanding Service - The Outstanding Service award honors current Division members who have demonstrated a history of service to the Division or field. The 2021-2022 recipient is Cordelia Selomulya.

Division Oral Competition Finalists

  1. Impact of cranberry juice consumption on the gut microbiome and inflammatory markers in overweight individuals: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Maria Castellon Chicas, Texas A&M University (First Place)
  2. Electrospray-based microencapsulation of probiotics in soy protein isolate-sunflower oil emulsions for enteric delivery, Yashaswini Premjit, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (Second Place)
  3. Not all angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides possess ACE2 regulatory activity, Zihan Wang, University of Alberta (Third Place)
  4. Antioxidant and Anti-melanogenic Effects of Ovalbumin Hydrolysates Derived from Egg White, Hee Yeon Cho, Konkuk University (Finalist)
  5. Effect of non-thermal processing on seafood antigenicity, Xingyi Jiang, Florida State University (Finalist)
  6. Dealcoholized muscadine wine is effective in both preventing and treating dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis in mice, Hao Li, University of Florida (Finalist)

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