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AI Advances Product Development


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Gulfood conference highlights technology solutions to regional, global food problems

 An overview of insights shared at the 2024 Gulfood Inspire conference in Dubai.

Toxicologists Worried About ‘Patchwork’ of Safety Laws

Participating in an IFT webinar, two toxicologists analyzed the impact of the California Food Safety Act, which prohibits the use of four common food additives.

Investing in African Heritage Foods

Foods from the African continent, such as millet and hibiscus, are starting to trend in Western diets. WANDA cofounder Tambra Raye Stevenson says that these foods could help solve the nutrition crisis.

Will Weight Loss Drugs Mean Losses for CPG Companies?

CPG companies weigh in on the impact that the emerging class of weight loss drugs will have on consumption patterns and snack sales.

Experts on the Record: What's Ahead for Consumers in 2024

Trend experts share predictions for consumer behaviors that will impact the food and beverage marketplace in the year ahead.

Mastering the Recipe of Food Technology Intellectual Property

At a time of cutting-edge development within the food technology space, how can companies assemble a strategic global intellectual property plan to protect their innovations from market competitors?

Remembering Ted Labuza

IFT looks back on Ted Labuza’s remarkable career in the wake of his death on Dec. 4.

AI Advances Product Development

CPG companies including PepsiCo and Kraft Heinz, among many others, are using generative artificial intelligence to support product development.

Experts Say Credibility, Clarity Are Best Antidotes to Poisoned-style Documentaries

Industry insiders say that food companies who can up their game with credible and clear science-based communications will provide the best antidote to one-sided messaging.

SupplySide West Trendspotting

Products that deliver benefits related to gut health, women’s well-being, and hydration were trending at SupplySide West.

Hard Times for Indoor Agriculture

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Surging energy costs and other operational issues are challenging indoor produce operations, forcing some key players into bankruptcy.

Is Phenology the Missing Link in a Climate Resilient Food System

The authors describe how phenology—the impact of weather on plant growth cycles—threatens to destabilize the food supply chain and argue that this area of study should be actively considered by food scientists.

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