Jacqueline Beckley

Leslie Herzog

IFT members Leslie Herzog and Jacqueline Beckley have been involved with food science department leadership boards during the past three decades at Cornell University, Michigan State University, University of California, Davis, and University of Massachusetts.

Food science leadership boards got their start in the early 1990s, envisioned as a way to offer more feedback to food science programs. These boards potentially can provide a number of vital benefits to students, faculty, staff, and the uni…

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          1. Professional Development

          About the Authors

          Jacqueline Beckley, a professional member of IFT, is president & chief innovation officer of The Understanding & Insight Group LLC. She is an IFT Fellow and recipient of the 2018 Sensory & Consumer Science IFT Achievement Award.
          Leslie Herzog, a professional member of IFT, is vice president of operations & research services of The Understanding & Insight Group LLC. He is an IFT Fellow and recipient of the 2021 Calvert Willey IFT Achievement Award.

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