Emily Little

Emily Little

Edlong's booth

Edlong (both S1105) allowed attendees to sample a pairing of chocolate mousse and cookies, which uses the company’s natural milk, butterscotch, and chocolate flavors.

CJ Food & Nutrition Company's booth

Samples of vegan soft jerky from CJ Food & Nutrition Company (booth S1841) contain the company’s Nrich flavors to mask the off-notes associated with plant-based meat.

AOI's booth

AOI Matcha (booth S2638) features ceremonial-grade matcha in a blueberry and raspberry flavor. This company has been growing, harvesting, and producing matcha for 110 years.

IFT FIRST Innovation Lab
Wednesday featured the Innovation Lab, an interactive experience in product development.

IFT FIRST Innovation Lab
The Innovation Lab allowed attendees to develop a prototype product to help solve the food system’s challenges. An AI tool helped create a visual of the concept.

IFT FIRST Innovation Lab
Attendees could also have their idea brought to life by two sketch artists.

Ajinomoto's booth
Ajinomoto (booth S1135) served barbeque macaroni and cheese at lunchtime, which featured an MSG-enriched topping.

Ardent Mills' booth
Ardent Mills (booth S0811) showcased their egg replacement product in a cupcake. This new replacement, made from chickpeas, can replace half of the eggs in a cake application.

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Emily Little is an associate editor of Food Technology ([email protected]).
Emily Little

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