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With IFT’s Concierge Service, your entire team gains the dedicated support it needs to efficiently solve problems, overcome product development hurdles, and stay focused on what matters most.

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IFT's Concierge Service provides R&D, innovation, and product development teams with as-needed access to trained food scientists and other experts, offering deep knowledge and dedicated support right when you need it.

Make IFT's Concierge Service your first call when your team needs:

  • Introductions and connections to potential co-manufacturers, co-packers, suppliers, service providers, or experts
  • Reformulation and ingredient interaction resources
  • Assistance navigating nutritional claims and labeling
  • Food safety and quality guidance, including GRAS
  • Sensory panels and considerations
  • Help with other time-sensitive tasks that are slowing you down

We’ve made it easier than ever to put IFT’s Technical Concierge to work for your team. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Determine the support needed.
  2. Purchase a block of time (10-hour minimum) for your company or team’s use.
  3. Submit requests to IFT’s Technical Concierge when support is needed.
  4. We’ll determine the resources needed to fulfill the request and get to work!
  5. After completing the task, we’ll report back on how long it took, providing you with immediate insight into ROI.

That’s your call! Anyone within your company or team can submit requests to the IFT Technical Concierge, as long as there are hours available within your contract.

Running low on hours? Contact our team and we’ll work with you to increase your time allotment.

Pricing Tiers

Number of Hours





Standard (12 months)



Premium (12 months)



*3-month trial available for one-time use only.

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How Daily Harvest solved a long-standing supplier problem.

How Eagle Foods added support without adding to headcount.

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