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IFT Salary Surveys

Find out where your salary fits into science of food compensation averages. IFT's salary survey reports feature comprehensive data on the compensation of professionals within food science and technology, including breakouts of salaries by geographic region, job function, years of employment, and more.

Are you getting a competitive salary? Is your career on the right track?

Every other year, IFT conducts exclusive research regarding the state of salary, compensation, and benefits in the science of food profession. This year’s report will be bigger and better than ever, including insights on job satisfaction, professional ambitions, and career pathways.

The complete 2022 IFT Compensation and Career Path Survey Report will be free for IFT members and available for purchase for non-members in November. In the meantime, be sure to check out the August 2022 Food Technology article "Show Them the Money," which summarizes key data points from this year’s report, as well as our archive of articles from previous years.

Food Technology salary survey coverage

Show Them the Money

Science of food salaries have surged, and the employment landscape has changed. IFT’s latest compensation research breaks it down: earnings, expectations, and aspirations.

Positive Trends for Science of Food Salaries

The 2019 IFT Employment and Salary Survey shows wage growth and high levels of job satisfaction across all generations in the workplace.

Earnings Grow, Wage Gap Shrinks

IFT’s biennial Employment and Salary Survey delivers the latest data on the food science profession: what people earn and how they feel about their jobs.

Food Science Salaries in the Spotlight

Earnings have been slow to rebound postrecession, but demand is strong for professionals with solid skill sets. IFT’s exclusive new research delivers the latest information on wages, benefits, and how food scientists and technologists feel about their jobs.

Women in Food Science Talk Compensation and Careers

A gender pay gap persists, but female food scientists are making strides in the profession. Here’s what some top achievers had to say about career development.

Salaries Back on Track

With its exclusive and robust data, the 2013 IFT Employment & Salary Survey sheds new light on compensation, benefits, stress, and job satisfaction among food scientists.

Compensation Conversations (Online Exclusive)

Advice from experts on negotiating a salary for a new job or a raise for a current position.

Economy Keeps Salaries Flat

Compensation appears to have plateaued, but most food scientists find much satisfaction in their jobs, according to the 2011 IFT Membership Employment & Salary Survey.

2009 IFT Membership Employment & Salary Survey

Despite the recessionary climate, the median salary for food scientists polled by IFT increased by 4.4% over the past two years.

2007 IFT Membership & Employment Salary Survey

The median salary for IFT members rose 7.7% to $84,000 over the past two years, but salaries for women continue to lag behind those for men.

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