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IFT's reports feature comprehensive data on the compensation of professionals within food science and technology.

2022 IFT Compensation & Career Path Report

Are you getting a competitive salary? Is your career on track?

Find out how your situation compares to your peers. Based on two exclusive surveys, each drawing more than 3,000 responses from science of food professionals, the new report features comprehensive data on the compensation and career trends of professionals for a range of job titles and functions across multiple segments of the food industry, academia, government, and nonprofits.

See breakouts of salaries by geographic region, job function, years of employment, gender, race, and much more. This comprehensive report contains dozens of tables and charts filled with benchmark data that you won't find anywhere else! This is an invaluable resource for anyone employed in the science of food, as well as employers who wish to recruit future employees—or retain current ones.

This benchmark report is a free benefit for Premier and Student Members (and discounted for other membership levels).

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Food Technology salary survey coverage

When Career Paths Get Bumpy: Black, Gay, and Female Professionals Share Their Stories

IFT Career Path Survey respondents offer candid commentary on the impact of race, sexual orientation, and gender on career progression.

Candid Career Conversations

A first-of-its-kind IFT research initiative asked food science professionals to reflect on their professional pathways—how they got to where they are today, what makes their jobs meaningful, and where they hope to be in the future.

Tackling Talent Acquisition

Managers seeking to fill a job opening in the current competitive environment need to remember that market conditions have changed over the past two years and traditional hiring approaches don’t necessarily apply. Recruiters have some advice.

Show Them the Money

Science of food salaries have surged, and the employment landscape has changed. IFT’s latest compensation research breaks it down: earnings, expectations, and aspirations.

Positive Trends for Science of Food Salaries

The 2019 IFT Employment and Salary Survey shows wage growth and high levels of job satisfaction across all generations in the workplace.

Earnings Grow, Wage Gap Shrinks

IFT’s biennial Employment and Salary Survey delivers the latest data on the food science profession: what people earn and how they feel about their jobs.

Women in Food Science Talk Compensation and Careers

A gender pay gap persists, but female food scientists are making strides in the profession. Here’s what some top achievers had to say about career development.

Food Science Salaries in the Spotlight

Earnings have been slow to rebound postrecession, but demand is strong for professionals with solid skill sets. IFT’s exclusive new research delivers the latest information on wages, benefits, and how food scientists and technologists feel about their jobs.

Salaries Back on Track

With its exclusive and robust data, the 2013 IFT Employment & Salary Survey sheds new light on compensation, benefits, stress, and job satisfaction among food scientists.

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