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Mary Ellen Kuhn, Kelly Hensel, Julie Larson Bricher, Emily Little

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    Every life story has its unique plot twists, and no two career journeys follow the same path. But when IFT set out to study the career trajectories and workplace priorities of science of food professionals, some common themes emerged:

    • Most food scientists love what they do, and they stick with what they love—eight out of 10 survey respondents have been employed in a food-related role throughout their career.
    • Within the profession, career paths are often fluid. Nearly half said they had transferred…
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    About the Author

    Mary Ellen Kuhn is executive editor of Food Technology magazine ([email protected]); Kelly Hensel is deputy managing editor, print and digital ([email protected]); Julie Larson Bricher is science and technology editor ([email protected]); and Emily Little is associate editor ([email protected]).