Lifetime Achievement Award in Honor of Nicolas Appert

Partner: Chicago Section of IFT

Award Description: Honors an individual for consistent lifetime achievements and contributions to the field of food technology.

Award: $5,000 honorarium from IFT and a bronze medal from Chicago Section IFT.

Eligibility: Individuals in academia, industry, or government who have demonstrated consistent lifetime contributions to the science of food.

Award Criteria: Nominations should include a timeline of contributions in areas of scholarship, research, service, or other areas of lifetime achievement relevant to the Nominee’s career.

Materials to Submit:

  • Nomination Statement (no longer than four typed pages). Nomination statement should include a timeline and examples of demonstrated lifetime achievements relevant to the Nominee’s career.
  • Letter of Reference that should speak to the Nominee’s demonstrated lifetime achievements relevant to the Nominee’s career.

The submissions for the 2022 Achievement Awards are now closed.

2021: Eric Decker

2020: José M. Aguilera

2019: D. Julian McClements

2018: Dennis R. Heldman

2017: Jozef L. Kokini

2016: E. Allen Foegeding

2015: Stephen Taylor

2014: C. Patrick Dunne

2013: Kenneth R. Swartzel

2012: Casimir Akoh

2011: Malcolm Bourne

2010: R. Paul Singh

2009: Daryl Lund

2008: Gilbert A. Leveille

2007: Todd R. Klaenhammer

2006: George E. Inglett

2005: Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

2004: Larry R. Beuchat

2003: Dietrich Knorr

2002: Daniel F. Farkas

2001: Adolph S. (Al) Clausi

2000: Aaron L. Brody

1999: Robert G. Cassens

1998: Theodore P. Labuza

1997: H.C. Rudolf Heiss

1996: Michael P. Doyle

1995: Philip E. Nelson

1994: Roy L. Whistler

1993: Wilbur A. Gould

1992: Irving J. Pflug

1991: Raymond J. Moshy

1990: Myron Solberg

1989: Fergus M. Clydesdale

1988: Owen R. Fennema

1987: Elmer H. Marth

1986: Marcus Karel

1985: Alina S. Szczesniak

1984: John J. Powers

1983: Steven S. Chang

1982: Clinton O. Chichester

1981: Bernard S. Schweigert

1980: Evan F. Binkerd

1979: F.J. Francis

1978: Jasper Guy Woodroof

1977: Richard L. Hall

1976: Amihud Kramer

1975: Ernest J. Briskey

1974: George F. Stewart

1973: Hans Lineweaver

1972: John C. Ayres

1971: Reid T. Milner

1970: Samuel A. Goldblith

1969: Edwin M. Foster

1968: Donald K. Tressler

1967: Michael J. Copley

1966: Maynard A. Joslyn

1965: Harold W. Schultz

1964: Gail M. Dack

1963: Karl F. Meyer

1962: Arnold Kent Balls

1961: Helmut C. Diehl

1960: Ernst H. Wiegand

1959: Berton S. Clark

1958: William F. Geddes

1957: Emil M. Mrak

1956: Bernard E. Proctor

1955: Charles G. King

1954: Charles N. Frey

1953: Victor Conquest

1952: Edward M. Chace

1951: A.E. Stevenson

1950: Thomas M. Rector

1949: Roy C. Newton

1948: C.A. Elvehjem

1947: C. Olin Ball

1946: C.H. Bailey

1945: A.W. Bitting

1944: C.E. Browne

1943: Samuel C. Prescott

1942: William V. Cruess