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Achievement Awards

The IFT Achievement Awards recognize an individual or team for remarkable contributions in research, applications, and service in the science of food profession.

Nominations for the 2023 IFT Achievement Awards are closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination! Award winners will be announced in the Spring.

Nomination Scoring

Scoring of nominations will be directly related to how nominees’ information provided on the nomination form demonstrates impact related to published award criteria.

IFT Achievement Awards Categories

The IFT Achievement Awards recognize individuals and organizations in a variety of areas of the science of food, including lifetime achievement, advocacy, research and development, innovation, international support for developing countries, and the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the profession.

Review Sample Achievement Award Nomination Form

Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of Nicolas Appert
Honors an individual who has demonstrated lifetime contributions to the science of food.

Include Award in honor of George Washington Carver
Honors the work of an individual or team to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the science of food community.

Distinguished Career Award in honor of Carl R. Fellers
Honors an individual who has brought distinguished recognition to the science of food profession through a career of exemplary contributions in innovation (research/industrial/other), leadership, service, and/or communication to the profession.

Excellence in Education Award in honor of William V. Cruess
Honors an individual who has demonstrated excellence in teaching science of food disciplines.

Outstanding Partnership Award in honor of Myron Solberg
Honors an individual who has demonstrated excellence and leadership abilities leading to the successful development or sustenance of a cooperative organization.
Presented in odd years only.

Distinguished Service Award in honor of Calvert L. Willey

Honors an individual who has provided consistent and meritorious service to IFT or IFT-affiliated group(s) including, but not limited to, IFT Sections & Divisions.

Humanitarian Award for Service to the Science of Food in honor of Elizabeth Fleming Stier
A humanitarian works selflessly to better the world and human condition. This award honors an individual who has demonstrated the pursuit of humanitarian ideals and unselfish dedication to the food industry, academia, students, and/or the general public.
Presented in odd years only.

Achievements in Microbial Research for Food Safety in honor of Gerhard J. Haas
Honors an individual who has demonstrated innovative research in microbial aspects of food safety assurance.

Collaborative Research Grant in honor of Marcel Loncin
The prize, given every other year, was first awarded in 1994. To honor and provide research funding for an IFT member or nonmember scientist or engineer conducting basic chemistry/physics/engineering research applied to food processing and improvement of food quality. Prize money is to be used by the recipient in directing and carrying out a proposed research project, and to allow a successful scientist to help a young scientist(s) to also become successful.
Presented in even years only.

Distinguished Lipid and Flavor Science Award in honor of Stephen S. Chang
Honors an individual who has provided innovative contributions to the advancement of lipid or flavor science and technology.
Presented in even years only.

Food Ingredient Safety Award in honor of Bernard L. Oser
Honors an individual who has provided contributions to the scientific knowledge of food ingredient safety and/or the implementation of programs to improve the safety or regulation of food ingredients.
Presented in even years only.

Food Packaging Award in honor of Don Riester, Rees Davis, and Aaron Brody
Honors an individual who has provided lifetime contributions to innovation in food packaging technology.

International Food Security Award in honor of Bor S. Luh
Honors an individual or team whose research has made substantial advancements in how foods can be manufactured and made available to meet the nutritional needs and food preferences of people living in emerging economies in a manner that is cost-effective for both consumers and manufacturers.

Outstanding Young Scientist Award in honor of Samuel Cate Prescott
Honors an individual who has provided significant, early-career research contributions that advance the science of food.

Public Health Award in honor of Babcock-Hart & Gilbert A. Leveille
Honors an individual who has provided scientific and technological contributions to improve public health through better nutrition and/or a more nutritious food supply.

Research & Development Award
Honors individual or team accomplishments in research and development.

Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award
Honors an individual who has demonstrated distinguished leadership and research within the field of sensory and consumer sciences.

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