Food Chemistry division

Food Chemistry Division

Join the Food Chemistry Division group where we explore and discuss the composition and properties of food and food ingredients, and the chemical, physical, and biological changes in food constituents as a result of preparation, processing, and storage.

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Noteworthy Programs

IFT Food Chemistry Open Mic

This is a new community event where students and professionals get a platform to present their early-stage research virtually with the IFT community. The goals of this initiative are to improve presentation skills, receive feedback on research, and network with members in the science of food community. Stay tuned to learn about future events!

Fun Fact: Potatoes can absorb and reflect Wi-Fi signals

When a team at Boeing wanted to test out its wireless signal on new planes in 2012, they could not ask humans to sit motionless for days while they conducted experiments. Thus, they replaced humans with piles of potatoes, by placing giant piles of potatoes on seats. Because of their high-water content and chemical makeup, potatoes absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals just like humans do.

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Food Chemistry Division Graduate Student Research Competition

Come join us and support our fellow, uprising Food Chemistry students who will present their graduate research projects for the IFT Food Chemistry Division Graduate Research Oral Competition! You will hear some of the most exciting work in Food Chemistry by up to 6 graduate students pre-selected from a pool of applicants for IFT FIRST. Each finalist will have 12 minutes to present their research, followed by a 3-min Q&A. What’s more? This event will take place virtually (before the onsite IFT FIRST event), and will be open to all IFT FIRST attendees, so there is no need to travel far to attend!

Specific details such as date/time, access instructions, and finalists will be shared via IFT Connect as soon as we find out. So, keep your eyes out for further information in the coming weeks! We look forward to seeing you at this virtual event!

Division Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Outstanding Volunteer - The Outstanding Volunteer award honors a current Division member who provided exemplary volunteer work to the Division in the current year. The 2022-2023 recipient is Ruojie Zhang.
  • Outstanding Service - The Outstanding Service award honors current Division members who have demonstrated a history of service to the Division or field. The 2022-2023 recipient is Umut Yucel.

Division Oral Competition Finalists

  • First: Cyprian Syeunda, Texas A&M University: Effect of cereal-derived polyphenol structure on Maillard-derived product formation
  • Finalist: Alessandra Victorio, The Ohio State University: Near Infrared for rapid screening for oil type used in potato chip manufacturing
  • Finalist: Elio Villasmil Gonzalez, Louisiana State University: Induction of aroma compounds in cricket (acheta domesticus) protein through controlled maillard reaction

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