Protein division

Protein Division

Protein Division is a platform for science of food professionals and students to connect, collaborate, and learn the science and technology of proteins including animal-, plant-, cellular-, biomass-, and precision fermentation-based. We thrive to connect our community and develop tools and resources to educate professionals and students who are interested in the science and technology of proteins.

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The word protein has been used since 1883.
The word ‘protein’ is Greek and it comes from the word ‘proteios’ which means ‘primary’ or ‘first rank’.

Noteworthy Programs

Proteins of the Future Challenge Competition

Want to be part of the global protein transition? Participate in teams to let us know how you would approach some of the current challenges related with protein transition. Topics include environmental impact, scale up, functionality, nutritional value, and commercial/market research. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate.

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Check out infographics created by the Protein Division, published in Food Technology.
(1) U.S. Consumer’s Appetite for Plant-Based Proteins
(2) How Protein Sources Measure Up

Division Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Outstanding Volunteer - The Outstanding Volunteer award honors a current Division member who provided exemplary volunteer work to the Division in the current year. The 2022-2023 recipients are Jing Zhao & Jordan Allen.
  • Outstanding Service - The Outstanding Service award honors current Division members who have demonstrated a history of service to the Division or field. The 2022-2023 recipient is Renske Janssen.

Proteins of the Future Challenge Winners

  • First Place: Alternative to Peanut Butter: Silk Butter - Phasiri Wongmahapaul and Alise Chavapanit, University of California-Davis
  • Second Place: HappyChunk: High-quality plant-based protein chunks as a complementary alternative to meat proteins - Zhenjiao Du, Manoj Kumar Pulivarthi, and Fnu Ruchi, Kansas State University
  • Third Place: A plant and fungal protein-based sausage: “Funlup” a protein source for tomorrow - Thilini Dissanayake, Harshani Vidana Hewage, and Flavia Adais, University of Manitoba

Division Oral Competition Finalists

  • First: April Huang, Cornell University: pH and Calcium affect high-pressure and thermal structuring of pulse protein concentrates
  • Second: Anuruddika Hetti Hewage, University of Manitoba: Effect of Water Substitution in Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) System on Structural and Functional Properties of Fava Bean Protein Isolates
  • Third: Zhou Lu, National University of Singapore: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Interacted With Plant-Proteins to Improve the Gelling and Foaming Functionalities of Plant-Based Egg Analogue
  • Finalist: Chen Chen, Texas A&M University: Effect of electron beam on proanthocyanidin and pulse protein interactions
  • Finalist: Wensheng Ding, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Influence of overcooking on in vitro digestion of high protein and high carbohydrate foods 
  • Finalist: Jung min Noh, Seoul National University: Modification of functional and textural properties of sesame meal protein isolate enzymatically crosslinked by transglutaminase

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