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IFT Sci Dish explores science, research, and perspectives from multiple disciplines related to the science of food and food innovation each aimed at sparking new ideas to ignite innovation in your work and career. Developed by IFT’s topical Divisions, member experts and special guests discuss important topics, challenges, and solutions impacting food science and technology today.

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Episode 8: Pet Food: The Surprising Use of Science Hiding in Plain Sight

The global pet food market is worth over $90 billion a year. As the pet food field continues to grow, many may be surprised to learn about the level of science that goes behind developing our furry friend’s favorite meals. How can one meal a day provide complete nutrition for a pet?

Episode 2: The Changing World of Nutrition

The Importance of Pivoting and How the Covid-19 Pandemic is Helping Create a More Equitable Food System

Episode 5: Flavor is Key

How do you create apple pie flavoring when everyone has their own memory of their favorite apple pie? This episode’s guests will help!

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Listen in on thought-provoking conversations exploring what’s next in the science of food and beyond.

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