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In this episode, we will hear the ways microalgae production is becoming more efficient and what the environmental impact of commercializing microalgae production is. We will also learn what ingredients can be replaced by using microalgae. Listen in to hear how this microscopic organism is shaking up the food system.

Alexander Mathys
Alexander Mathys

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys, a food technologist, received a doctoral degree in food processing in 2008. Since2016, he has been Professor in Sustainable Food Processing at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where he is focusing on more efficiency and sustainability of value chains in food and feed.

Bruce Perkin

IFT Sci Dish Host: Bruce Perkin
Principal Scientist, Robust Food Solutions LLC

Bruce Perkin

IFT Sci Dish Host: Bruce Perkin
Principal Scientist, Robust Food Solutions LLC

Bruce Perkin
is the principal scientist and operator of Robust Food Solutions LLC, a food science-based consultancy that has operated since 2017, providing strategic advice and hands-on support to food businesses in the areas of quality systems and food safety, innovation, product development, and organizational design.

Bruce is a Certified Food Scientist, a Certified HACCP practitioner, and is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence through the American Society for Quality. He is also a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual under the FSMA regulations. He has completed Food Defense training through the FDA and the FSPCA. Bruce is a past Chairperson of the Dallas /Fort Worth chapter of IFT, and also a past Chair of the Food Service Division of IFT. In addition, Bruce is a part-time Adjunct Professor at Texas Womens’ University teaching NPD, Food Science and Food Safety to Culinology students.

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