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You can make a difference in helping those around you—from friends and colleagues to media and politicians—better understand the value of science; however effectively communicating science is a complex task and an acquired skill. To help you take action, IFT collected and developed numerous resources that will support your efforts with unique audiences and circumstances.

Effectively Leverage Social Media and Email to Amplify Sound Food Science

To help you get started sharing scientific information across your social platforms, as well as via email, we’ve compiled the following document with tips, templates, and best practices.

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Information is Abundant, Critical Thinking Isn't right arrow
Critical thinking isn’t easy. Let’s not communicate as though it is. Behavioral science reveals some key challenges, and a new approach to communication.
JFSE Study right arrow
Engaged food science: Connecting K-8 learners to food science while engaging graduate students in science communication


It’s About Choices – Strategies for Effective Communication
Presented by Rosy McGillan, CMCO at the American Red Cross
The Trust Factor presented by Roxi Beck at The Center for Food Integrity

Annual Event Presentations

Consumer Distrust is a Myth! How Scientists Can Be at the Forefront and Curb Distrust Before It Happens

Communicating Science Through Storytelling

Effective Strategies to Communicate Science

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