The California Food Safety Act, signed into law in October 2023, states that four food additives—brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate, propylparaben, and Red Dye No. 3—will, starting January 1, 2027, no longer be allowed to be sold or produced in the state. The ripple effect reaches other states; bills mirroring California’s have emerged in Illinois, New York, and Washington. In addition, a bill focused on high fructose corn syrup was introduced in Indiana, while Illinoi…

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About the Authors

James R. Coughlin, PhD, CFS, a 50-year member of IFT, is an independent consultant in food toxicology and global regulatory affairs in Southern California ([email protected]).
Craig Llewellyn, PhD, is a Principal Scientist with Exponent and has held roles in food safety and toxicology and global scientific and regulatory affairs at The Coca-Cola Co., Kraft Foods, and The William Wrigley Jr. Co. ([email protected]).