Bor S. Luh International Award

Purpose: To honor an IFT member or an institution whose outstanding efforts result in one or more of the following: (1) international exchange of ideas in the field of food technology; (2) better international understanding in the field of food technology; and/or (3) practical successful transfer of food technology to an economically depressed area in a developing or developed nation. 

Award: $3,000 honorarium and a plaque from the Bor S. Luh Endowment Fund of Feeding Tomorrow.

Eligibility: A balance between technology transfer and international exchange of ideas is desirable. 

  • International exchange of ideas may be defined as one-on-one interactions, including sustained consulting or advising in several countries. This may include educating and training students, researchers, plant workers, and others who return to foreign lands.
  • Better international understanding may be defined as continued interaction through international seminars, symposia, or working groups. Organizing responsibility is an important component.
  • Technology transfer is a hands-on operation involving successful one-to-one transfer of food technology from those who have the knowledge to those who need and use it.

The result must be a new, commercially viable process, packaging system, post-harvest preservation system, or other application of food science and technology of direct benefit to the local economy. Although such work could start with joint assessment of the need and potential market, and involve training in the donors laboratories or pilot plant, emphasis is on on-site training and development of sufficient duration (probably at least six months) so the process continues to function and benefit consumers long after the donor has returned home.

Special Instructions: 

Please submit the following documents with your nomination:

  • Nomination Statement; must not be more than four typed pages
  • Letter of Reference

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