Distinguished Service Award in honor of Calvert L. Willey

Award Description: Honors an individual who has provided consistent and meritorious service to IFT or IFT-affiliated group(s) including, but not limited to, IFT Sections & Divisions.

Award: $3,000 honorarium and a crystal award from IFT

Criteria & Eligibility: Nominees must have been a non-student IFT member or on the IFT staff for 15 or more cumulative years. The primary consideration is consistent and meritorious service to the Institute and/or IFT-affiliated group(s), rather than specific contributions to research, education, or development. Recognition is based on dedication, service, and measurable contributions to the success of IFT or IFT-affiliated group(s) over time.

2023: Paul Cole

2021: Leslie Herzog

2020: Ellen Bradley

2019: Kiyoko Kubomura

2018: Patti Pagliuco

2017: V.M Balasubramaniam

2016: Michele Perchonok

2015: Bruce Ferree

2014: Robert B. Gravani

2013: James J. Albrecht

2012: A. Elizabeth Sloan

2011: Herbert Stone

2010: Margaret Lawson

2009: Mary Wagner

2008: Neil H. Mermelstein

2007: William Davidson

2006: Pamela D. Tom

2005: Bruce R. Stillings

2004: Charles H. Manley

2003: Frank F. Busta

2002: Elizabeth Larmond

2001: Daniel E. Weber

2000: Dee M. Graham

1999: Isabel D. Wolf

1998: Charles J. Bates

1997: Walter L. Clark

1996: Gale R. Ammerman

1995: Charles A. Becker

1993: Alan J. Post

1992: Miguel A. Jimenez

1991: Elwood F. Caldwell

1990: Aaron E. Wasserman

1989: Ben F. Buchanan

1987: Calvert L. Willey