Distinguished Career Award in Honor of Carl R. Fellers

Purpose: Honoring individuals with distinguished careers in the food science and technology profession, and who have displayed exemplary leadership, service, and communication skills.

Award: $3,000 honorarium from Phi Tau Sigma and a crystal award from IFT

Eligibility: Nominees who are not members of Phi Tau Sigma shall be simultaneously elected to Phi Tau Sigma membership by that organization upon selection as recipient of the award.

Priority shall be given to a record of achievement in communicating to the profession, to governmental and international agencies or to the public, scientific information relative to the quality, wholesomeness, safety, nutritive value and other aspects of food and the food supply; in bringing individuals into the profession; or in propagating understanding of the importance of the profession to the public, governmental agencies, and scientific and academic communities.

Special Instructions:

Please submit the following documents with your nomination:

  • Nomination Statement (Must not be more than four typed pages.)
  • Letter of Reference

2021: Joe Regenstein

2020: Carl Winter

2019: Colin Dennis

2018: Charles H. Manley

2017: S. Suzanne Nielsen

2016: Gary List

2015: David Patrick Green

2014: H. Russell Cross

2013: Dennis R. Heldman

2012: Mary K. Schmidl

2011: Christine Bruhn

2010: Anthony Kotula

2009: Kathryn L. Kotula

2008: Robert B. Gravani

2007: Ken Lee

2006: Daniel Y.C. Fung

2005: Philip E. Nelson

2004: Barbara O. Schneeman

2003: Daryl B. Lund

2002: J. Ralph Blanchfield

2001: Myron "Mike" Solberg

2000: Dane T. Bernard

1999: Manfred Kroger

1998: Roy G. Arnold

1997: Paul F. Hopper

1996: Susan K. Harlander

1995: Fergus M. Clydesdale

1994: John H. Litchfield

1993: Gideon E. Livingston

1992: Gilbert A. Leveille

1991: David R. Lineback

1990: Richard L. Hall

1989: Frederick J. Francis

1988: Owen R. Fennema

1987: Roy E. Morse

1986: Edwin M. Foster

1985: Bernard S. Schweigert

1984: Emil Mrak