Research & Development Award

Award Description: Honors individual or team accomplishments in research and development.

Award: $3,000 honorarium and a crystal award from IFT (If a team wins, each member of the team will receive a crystal award and an equal share of the $3,000.)

Criteria & Eligibility: The individual or team may have worked in any food field (including academic, industrial, government, consulting, or other endeavors) and been responsible for a research and development program that led to the implementation of a significant, practical, and novel achievement in food technology.

Team nominations may include a maximum of five people, identifying the role of each team member, as well as those primarily responsible for the achievement.

2023: Hang Xiao

2022: Alireza Abbaspourrad

2021: V.M. Balasubramaniam

2020: Yanyun Zhao

2019: Lisa J. Mauer

2018: Representing the Innovative Infrared Research and Development Team: Drs. Zhongli Pan, Tara H. McHugh, Chandrasekar Venkitasamy, Ragab Gebreil, and Hamed M. El-Mashad (Western Regional Research Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service and the University of California, Davis)

2017: Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

2016: Josip Simunovic

2015: Ahmed E. Yousef

2014: Kevin M. Keener

2013: MaryAnne Drake

2012: Vijay K. Juneja

2011: Micha Peleg

2010: Representing the Washington State University Microwave Sterilization Consortium: Kenny Lum, Juming Tang; C. Patrick Dunne; Douglas Hahn; Evan Turek; The Ferrite Company; Rexam PLC; Graphic Packaging; and Ocean Beauty Seafoods, LLC

2009: Arun Bhunia

2008: Casimir C. Akoh

2007: D. Julian McClements

2006: Eric Decker

2004: Richard Hartel

2003: E. Allen Foegeding

2002: Clair L. Hicks

2001: Steven J. Schwartz

2000: John B. Luchansky

1999: Bruce A. Watkins

1998: Todd R. Klaenhammer

1997: Sudhir K. Sastry