Distinguished Lipid and Flavor Science Award in Honor of Stephen S. Chang

Awarded only in even numbered years

Partner: Stephen S. Chang Endowment Trust Fund supported by Taiwan Food Industries (Feeding Tomorrow Endowed)

Achievement Award Description: To honor a food scientist or technologist who has made significant contributions to lipid or flavor science.

Award: $3,000 and a crystal award from IFT.

Eligibility: Food scientists or food technologists who have made significant contributions to the fields of lipid or flavor science.

Award Criteria: Nominations can include any aspect of lipid or flavor science, ranging from basic chemistry to applied technology, with documented impact on commercial operations. Examples can include:

  • Research on lipid chemistry and industry use to improve product stability.
  • Research on impurities to improve the wholesomeness of products.
  • Research on the improvement of deep-fat fried foods.
  • Research on chemical, synthetic, or biosynthetic processes for the production of new, or nature-like, flavors.
  • Research on key flavor chemicals that correlate with physiological flavor response.
  • Research on significant advances in analytical methods in flavor chemistry.

Materials to Submit:

  • Nomination Statement (no longer than four typed pages). Nomination statement should include significant contributions to the field of lipid or flavor science and reflect award criteria.
  • Letter of Reference that should speak to the Nominee’s significant contributions to the field of lipid or flavor science and reflect award criteria.

The submissions for the 2022 Achievement Awards are now closed.

2020: Liangli (Lucy) Yu

2018: Devin G. Peterson

2016: Karen Schaich

2014: Alejando G. Marangoni

2012: Michael Eskin

2010: Cameron Faustman

2009: Pamela White

2008: Casimir C. Akoh

2007: Keith R. Cadwallader

2006: Eric A. Decker

2005: Fereidoon Shahidi

2004: Herbert O. Hultin

2003: Gary R. List

2002: Chi-Tang Ho

2001: Michael M. Blumenthal

2000: Terry E. Acree

1999: W. James Harper

1998: Robert C. Lindsay

1997: John M. deMan

1996: Wassef W. Nawar

1995: David B. Min

1994: Gary A. Reineccius

1993: Edward G. Perkins