Distinguished Lipid and Flavor Science Award in honor of Stephen S. Chang

Awarded only in even numbered years

Partner: Stephen S. Chang Endowment Trust Fund supported by Taiwan Food Industries (Feeding Tomorrow Endowed)

Award Description: Honors an individual who has provided innovative contributions to the advancement of lipid or flavor science and technology.

Award: $3,000 and a crystal award from IFT

Criteria & Eligibility: Nominees must demonstrate innovative research that has advanced any aspect of lipid or flavor science, ranging from basic chemistry to applied technology. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Studies on lipid chemistry to improve product stability;
  • Research to improve the wholesomeness of products;
  • Information to improve deep-fat fried foods;
  • Chemical synthetic or biosynthetic processes for the production of new, or nature-alike, flavors;
  • Identification of key flavor chemicals that correlate with physiological flavor response; and/or
  • Advances in analytical methodologies.

2022: Michael Qian

2020: Liangli (Lucy) Yu

2018: Devin G. Peterson

2016: Karen Schaich

2014: Alejando G. Marangoni

2012: Michael Eskin

2010: Cameron Faustman

2009: Pamela White

2008: Casimir C. Akoh

2007: Keith R. Cadwallader

2006: Eric A. Decker

2005: Fereidoon Shahidi

2004: Herbert O. Hultin

2003: Gary R. List

2002: Chi-Tang Ho

2001: Michael M. Blumenthal

2000: Terry E. Acree

1999: W. James Harper

1998: Robert C. Lindsay

1997: John M. deMan

1996: Wassef W. Nawar

1995: David B. Min

1994: Gary A. Reineccius

1993: Edward G. Perkins